Satyajit Ray honoured with a Google doodle on 92nd birthday

Google on Thursday honoured legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray on his 92nd birth anniversary with a black and white doodle on its homepage.

Mrinal Sen turns 90, says he has not yet retired

Far from calling it quits, legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen on his 90th birthday today said that he might just come up with another new film.

I would be happy to help Indian filmmaker make 3D films: Cameron

Speaking of cinematic excellence the man is a cut above the rest. Referred as the ‘king of the world’, the incredibly talented filmmaker James Cameron showed interest in the application of 3D technology in films based on Indian mythologies like ‘Ramayan’ and ‘Mahabharat’.

Indian filmmaker Vijay Kumar leaves US

Indian documentary filmmaker Vijay Kumar, who was arrested and jailed in the US for carrying brass knuckles and "jehadi literature" in his baggage, has finally made a "voluntary departure" from Houston.

Indian filmmaker to stay in jail in US

Indian documentary filmmaker Vijay Kumar, arrested in Houston for allegedly carrying "jihadist" literature and brass knuckles in his checked baggage, will remain behind bars without bail but can leave "voluntarily" if his case is resolved within 120 days.