Premature babies less affluent in adulthood

 Children who are born premature tend to accumulate less wealth as adults, and this may be due to their lower mathematics abilities, suggests new research.

Odisha: Four more crib deaths, minister visits paediatric hospital

Odisha Health Minister Atanu Sabyasachi Naik on Sunday night made a surprise visit to 'Sishu Bhawan' paediatric hospital here where 51 infants died in past 10 days.

How infants learn new languages?
How infants learn new languages?

An early social behaviour called gaze shifting is linked to infants' ability to learn sounds of new languages, says a new study.

Expectations shape infants' brains: Study

 Infants can use their expectations about the world to rapidly shape their developing brains, shows research.

Odisha: 30 infants down with unknown disease

At lease 30 infants were down with an unknown disease in a remote village in Odisha's Malkangiri district, doctors said on Monday.

Acid-reducing meds may up C. Diff. infection risk in kids

A new study has found that infants and children, who take acid-reducing medications, could have a significantly greater risk of developingClostridium difficile infection.

Finnish mum gets life for killing five newborns

A Finnish court on Monday sentenced a 36-year-old woman to life in prison for killing her five newborns between 2005 and 2013 and hiding them in a freezer.

Five infants die within 36 hours in UP hospital; family alleges negligence

Five infants died at a women's hospital here within 36 hours, triggering protest by family members who alleged negligence by the hospital.

Infants find their voice in company of other babies
Infants find their voice in company of other babies

All new mothers, please take note! Ensure that you put your six-month-old baby in the company of other babies and not adults. This is to prepare them to "find their own voice" sooner.

Babies born with drug withdrawal symptoms on rise in US

The number of infants born in the US with drug withdrawal symptoms has nearly doubled in a four-year period, a new study says.

3D printed splints help infants with airway disorder: US researchers

US doctors treated three infants with an often-fatal airway disease by implanting a 3D printed medical device that improves breathing and changes shape as the children grow, the researchers reported on Wednesday.

World Immunization Week: 22 million infants miss out on basic vaccines, says WHO

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Despite various health and awareness programmes, a staggering 22 million infants across the world miss out on the basic vaccines for diphtheria, hepatitis B, measles, mumps and tetanus.

Breastfeeding may help mothers quit smoking

Women who breastfeed their infants for at least 90 days smoke less in the months following childbirth than women who breastfeed for a shorter duration or who do not breastfeed at all, says a new study.

Mother's gene can nourish baby's gut bacteria

A gene helps some mothers produce breast milk sugars that are not digested by the infant, but instead nourish specific bacteria that colonise the babies' guts soon after birth, says a new study.

Element of surprise helps babies learn best: Study

Infants have innate knowledge about the world, and when their expectations are defied, they learn best, a new study has found.

Autistic kids more likely to have gastrointestinal issues

Autistic children are two-and-a- half times more likely to have persistent gastrointestinal symptoms as infants and toddlers, a new study has found.

Six infants die in Malda Medical College Hospital

At least six infants born "underweight and malnourished", five of them new born, have died at Malda Medical College Hospital here, hospital official said on Friday.

16 infants die in last 6 days at Kolkata hospital

At least 16 new-borns have died in the last six days at the state-run B C Roy Memorial Hospital here.

US state may allow 'baby boxes' for surrendering newborns

Indiana could become the first US state to allow use of the baby boxes on a broad scale to prevent dangerous abandonments of infants if a bill, which unanimously passed the House this week, clears the state Senate.

Eating peanuts early could prevent allergy in infants, finds study

With peanut allergies on the rise worldwide, a study Monday found that contrary to previous advice, feeding foods containing peanuts to babies before 11 months of age may help prevent allergies.