Substance that protects against premature birth found

Scientists have identified the substance that protects against premature births caused by infection.

Sonia Gandhi's test results showing improvement, to be discharged soon: Doctors
Sonia Gandhi's test results showing improvement, to be discharged soon: Doctors

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who was admitted to a hospital here for an infection in her lower respiratory tract, is feeling better and is all set to go home may be in a day or two, the hospital said on Monday.

Infection alert in Delhi due to cold

Cold conditions prevailed and infection alert has been announced by doctors in the national capital.

Now hug more often to keep stress and infection at bay

Here is a piece of news worth noting as a new study suggests that hugging more often is the simplest way you can protect yourself against stress and infection.

Dengue cases soar to 4,379 in Odisha

The number of people infected with dengue in Odisha so far this year has risen to 4,379, with 200 more cases reported in last two days, an official said here Wednesday.

Spain blames Ebola infection on human error as nurse worsens

The health of a Spanish nurse with Ebola worsened on Thursday and four other people were put into isolation in Madrid, while the government rejected claims that its methods for dealing with the disease weren`t working, and blamed human error.

New technology makes 'dance' of HIV virus visible in humans

A team of researchers has developed a new technology which allows them to watch what they call the "dance" of HIV proteins on the virus' surface, which may contribute to how it infects human immune cells.

Fighting Ebola: US to enhance passenger screening, says Barack Obama
Fighting Ebola: US to enhance passenger screening, says Barack Obama

As the first patient diagnosed with Ebola on American soil, fights for his life in Dallas hospital, Barack Obama on Monday reiterated that the epidemic was a top national security priority and said that increased passenger screening would be conducted at airports to check the spread of the disease.

Arun Jaitley shifted to AIIMS isolation facility to avoid recurrence of infection

Union Finance and Defence Minister Arun Jaitley was on Sunday shifted to a special isolation facility at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) after doctors advised that he needed a few more days of rest to recover completely from a respiratory infection.

Nose virus may trigger middle ear infection

A viral infection in the nose may trigger middle ear infections, which affect more than 85 percent of children under the age of three, says a study.

Scientists find mild cases of MERS among patients' families

Fewer than half of Saudi Arabian patients in a study passed the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus to household members, and many of those who developed secondary infections contracted mild cases of MERS, global researchers reported on Wednesday.

Common cold may temporarily increase stroke risk in kids

A new research has suggested that common cold infections are temporarily linked to increased stroke risk in vulnerable children.

Artificial anti-cancer molecules created in a jiffy

In what could lead to new anti-cancer drugs, researchers have developed a new method to produce molecules that have a similar structure to peptides which are naturally produced in the body to fight cancer and infection.

HIV infection risk increased by herpes virus

According to a new study the herpes virus can increase the susceptibility and transmissibility of HIV infection.

An infection that can prevent malaria

Mosquitoes` infection can be used to tackle the spread of malaria.

Wave to say hello as handshake may carry microbes

A study has asked for the popular handshake to be replaced by a new gesture as the practice is an dangerous as smoking in public - especially in hospitals.

Dodge that cough cloud entering your nose!

Travelling inside a crowed Metro or a jam-packed public transport bus? Make sure that you raise your elbow to cover up that turbulent buoyant cloud your neighbourhood commuter is about to expel.

New breakthrough could help thwart recurrent urinary tract infections

Researchers have shown that when chitosan - used in agriculture as a seed treatment and biopesticide - is given in conjunction with antibiotics, it assists the bladder in ridding itself of "reservoir" populations of bacteria that live in its deeper layers and potentially cause recurrent infections.

US kids falling prey to infections by drug-resistant bacteria: Study

More kids in the US are developing infections caused by a concerning type of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that is on the rise, an alarming study has claimed.

Oz team posts `toe-biting` pic on Twitter to cheer up `injured` Johnson

The Australian team has posted a picture on Twitter, in which Aaron Finch seems to be about to bite the toe of James Faulkner, in a bid to cheer up pace sensation Mitchell Johnson after a foot injury ruled him out of the ICC World Twenty20.