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Stress, smoking, obesity render 15% of Delhi's males infertile

Stress, smoking, obesity render 15% of Delhi's males infertile

The major reason behind this problem also is loss of interest in intercourse due to male infertility.

Endometriosis: Are your period cramps normal? What to do if you have this disorder!

Endometriosis: Are your period cramps normal? What to do if you have this disorder!

Women with endometriosis will also experience pain during or after intercourse. 

Boys born through IVF have low sperm counts: Study

ICSI is a procedure by which sperm from the father is injected directly into the mother's egg in the laboratory, and then the fertilised egg is placed in her womb. 

Trying to conceive? Watch out for these signs of infertility!

Here are some things that can make you infertile or affect your chances of having a healthy baby.

Male infertility: Five foods that can damage your sperm! (Slideshow)

Male infertility: Five foods that can damage your sperm! (Slideshow)

Five foods that can damage your sperm! (Slideshow)

Beware smokers! Excess smoking and narcotic use can cause infertility

Doctors claim that cigarettes do not necessarily cause infertility, they can have an adverse effect on a couple's ability to conceive. The problem exists in men as much as in females, the doctors said.

Asthmatic women's infertility blues

A new study has revealed that asthmatic women may take more time to concieve and have a lower pregnancy rate than those without the lung diseases.

Sunscreen can put your sperms at risk

 Turns out, sunscreens can be used as a male contraceptive! A new study has revealed that some of its ingredients may disrupt sperm cell function.

'Advanced diagnostics important to detect genital TB'

 The role of advanced diagnostics in detecting genital tuberculosis, which is linked to infertility in humans, was extremely important, an expert said here on Thursday.

'Spermbot' to help sperm reach egg developed

In a first, German scientists have developed motorised "spermbots" that can deliver poor swimmers that are otherwise healthy to an egg.

Texas woman gives birth to her own granddaughter through surrogacy!

Sounds weird, right? But Tracey Thompson, 54, gave her daughter the biggest gift by being the surrogate of her granddaughter.

Beware! Even passive smoking can cause infertility, early menopause

Both active and passive smoking are linked to infertility problems and a hastening of the natural menopause before the age of 50, warns a new study.

China's 1st mother-daughter womb implant draws mixed reactions

A robot assisted in removing the mother's uterus before doctors transplanted it into the daughter's body.

About 18 per cent Indian women affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Study

A recent study has revealed that about 18 per cent of women in India, mostly from the East, suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a disorder which causes infertility among the fairer sex.

Homeopathy needs active promotion from Indian govt: Dr Kalyan Banerjee

The debate between the effectiveness of allopathic medicines and homeopathy has been one of the most disputed in medical history. Both schools of thought at the centre of their practice aim to heal the sick but take on different trajectories to achieve the same.

Diabetes causing infertility among males: Doctors

Diabetes is becoming a major reason for infertility among males, doctors have said.

Delhi clinic ropes in European hospital for better infertility care

To provide affordable infertility care in the country, Seeds of Innocence (SoI), a test tube baby and surrogacy centre of the Yashoda Group of Hospitals, here has signed an agreement with an European hospital based in Belgium.

Genital TB in 40-60 percent women causing infertility

Genital Tuberculosis (TB) in 40-60 percent of the women is leading to infertility, doctors warned here on Friday.

50 percent of women with Endometriosis face infertility: Study

Fifty percent of the women suffering from Endometriosis -- a condition wherein the tissue lining inside the uterus grows outside -- are likely to suffer from infertility, a study said here on Wednesday.

Endometriosis ups miscarriage risk

 A relatively common condition associated with abdominal pain, heavy periods, and infertility may increase risk of miscarriage by over 75 percent, a new research has found.