How inflammation in the gut ups risk of colon cancer

Chronic inflammation in the gut increases the risk of colon cancer -- the second-largest cause of cancer death in the US -- by as much as 500 percent, says a new study.

Indian scientists unlocking betel leaf's health secrets

The study also links environmental influence to the anti-inflammatory attributes of paan.

Chickenpox vaccine may cause eye inflammation

 Although rare, a vaccine for chickenpox and shingles which has been in use for more than 20 years and is considered an essential medicine by the World Health Organization, can cause corneal inflammation in some patients, says a new study.

For a healthy life, social bonds are as important as exercise, diet

Having a lot of healthy social relationships during adolescence and late adulthood could help you lead a healthy life, a new study suggests. 

Better sleep, tai chi cut inflammation

 Insomnia, one of the most common sleep disorders, is associated with increased risk for depression, medical comorbidities, and mortality.

Nutritional vitamin D improves vascular function: Study

Several parameters of vascular function and biomarkers to measure status of inflammatory and immune activation were studied at baseline.

Single blood test to predict premature death risk

 With identification of a biomarker, researchers have found that a single blood test could reveal whether an apparently healthy person is likely to die of pneumonia or sepsis within the next 14 years.

Why flossing may do more harm than good

 Flossing is supposedly done to get rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth, which if left to fester, can cause inflammation and disease.

Want to avoid putting on weight – sleep for 7 to 8 hours

Middle-aged men who sleep less than six hours or more than 10 hours suffer from low-grade inflammation more often than men sleeping seven-eight hours per night, finds a new study.

Periodontitis linked to heart disease

Researchers have recently connected the molecular dots between Periodontitis and heart disease.

Many Hepatitis C patients unaware of liver damage: Study

The number of Hepatitis C patients suffering from advanced liver damage may be grossly underestimated and under-diagnosed.

Gout drugs can treat alcohol-induced liver disease

 Two commonly used gout medications may offer protection from alcohol-induced liver disease and inflammation, a study says.

Rigorous exercise may cut arthritis risk

High-intensity exercise may help ease symptoms of arthritis, a chronic disease that causes inflammation in the joints, says a new study.

New 'smart' drug to reduce inflammation developed

Researchers have developed a "smart" drug that targets inflammation in a site-specific manner and could enhance the body's natural ability to fight infection and reduce side effects.

Immune system regulates sensitivity to bitter taste

New research reveals that an immune system regulatory protein that promotes inflammation also helps regulate sensitivity to bitter taste.

Leading doctors call for radical rethink on 'silent killer' sepsis

Leading doctors have warned that sepsis deaths will not be curbed without radical rethink of research strategy.

Sweet nanoparticles to target stroke

Materials resulting from chemical bonding of a sugar with a kind of nanoparticle may help reduce cell damage and inflammation occurring after stroke, scientists say.

Changing stem cell structure can tackle obesity

Slight regulation in the length of primary cilia -- small hair-like projections found on most cells -- can prevent the production of fat cells from human stem cells taken from an adult bone marrow, reveals new research.

Even bacteria's DNA can affect your offspring

 The bacteria living inside your body can influence certain traits such as behaviour and weight and researchers have now found that these traits can pass from mother to offspring through bacterial DNA.

Link between inflammation and type 2 diabetes identified

A team of researchers has identified the link between inflammation and type 2 diabetes.