Now, system to allow computers, human collaboration for better decision-making

 MIT researchers have recently developed a new computer that encompasses different abilities of processing information so that technology and humans can make better use of each other.

Why autistic people see faces differently

 People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gain different perceptions from peoples' faces as the way they gather information - not the judgement process itself - is different from those without the disorder, says a study.

Curiosity primes the brain to learn

 Curiosity may put the brain in a state that allows it to learn and retain any kind of information, a new study suggests.

China tightens control over mobile Internet

In the cat-and-mouse game of free flow and control of information, China has made its move against the latest information-sharing technology.

Ukraine pro-Russian leader has no information on missing OSCE observers

The pro-Russian "prime minister" of the self-declared Republic of Donetsk said Thursday he had no information on the whereabouts of four OSCE observers missing in eastern Ukraine.

Information which could prove innocence should be given: CIC

Information which could help in proving innocence of a person in a criminal case should be provided to RTI applicants unless there is a legal provision barring disclosure, CIC has held.

ICRISAT launches website for sharing information

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid-Tropics (ICRISAT), which conducts agricultural research for development in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, Thursday launched a website to make large volumes of scientific knowledge and information easily accessible by the public.

Reward for information on missing Indo-Canadian withdrawn

The family of an Indo-Canadian man who went missing in May this year in a national park in Australia has withdrawn the reward offered for finding him, but remain determined to continue searching.

Physicists successfully teleports information in electronic circuit for the first time

Researchers have managed to teleport information from A to B, for the first time in an electronic circuit, similar to a computer chip.

11 information officers penalised in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh State Information Commission imposed penalties of Rs 37,500 on eleven Public Information Officers, for "not acting reasonably and diligently" in supplying the information.

2 Bangalore police officers in Hyderabad to collect blast info

Two city police officers are presently in Hyderabad to collect details of the twin blasts in that city and share terror-related information with their counterparts in that state, a top police official said on Monday.

Probe requests for Facebook passwords: Senators ask feds

Two US senators are asking Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate whether employers asking for Facebook passwords during job interviews are violating federal law, their offices announced Sunday.

No info on sexual harassment accused: CIC

The Central Information Commission upheld CISF`s decision that identity of security personnel facing sexual harassment charges
cannot be made public.

‘No info on foreign varsities operating in India’

The government on Wednesday said it has
no "authentic information" about the operation of foreign
universities in the country.

Varun files RTI to get info on MPs` Swiss a/c

BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Friday sought
names of Members of Parliament and others who have allegedly
stashed black money in the accounts of HSBC, Geneva.

No request for megacity project info: Karnataka CM

Karnataka CM DV Sadananda Gowda said he had not received request from anyone for
information on the irregularities in Mega City housing project.

Black money: Germany-India share substantial info

Germany is sharing "substantial" information with India on black money stashed overseas and will continue to do so, the country`s Ambassador said.

Libyan fighters have no certain info on Gaddafi

A military spokesman for Libya`s
transitional government says revolutionaries have no certain
information about Muammar Gaddafi`s location.

Swiss banks `allegedly` providing info to US

Swiss banks have "allegedly" begun
providing information to Washington on accounts held by US
citizens, Swiss media reported.

No info on firing on Paresh Baruah: Govt

The government on Saturday said it has
no information on media reports about the firing on ULFA
leader Paresh Baruah and his injury in the jungles of western