Shahid Kapoor tells his insomnia tales
Shahid Kapoor tells his insomnia tales

Shahid Kapoor who stars in upcoming movie Shaandaar shared some of his insomnia tales

Why insomnia is more common among women

Insomnia in adults is partially explained by genetic factors, and this heritability is higher in females than in males, suggests a new study on twins.

Are you an isomniac? Your tweets may tell
Are you an isomniac? Your tweets may tell

Scientists have developed a "digital phenotype," or a baseline profile of what a person suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders "looks" like on Twitter.

Insomnia? Here's how your tweets may show it!

A new study has suggested that Twitter data may help shed light on sleep disorders.

Poor sleep increases pain in knee osteoarthritis

Poor sleep can amplify pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) - a degenerative joint disease that causes pain and swelling of joints in the hand, hips or knee.

Can't sleep? This simple therapy session can cure your insomnia

 Good news for insomniacs! A simple one-hour therapy session can improve your sleeping patterns.

Drinking over 5 cups of espressos dangerous for health

If you are consuming more than five espressos worth of caffeine every day, you are putting you health a risk.

Stress disorder linked to faster ageing

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may also be at risk for accelerated ageing or premature senescence, finds a team of researchers including an Indian-origin scientist.

Insomnia likely to worsen chronic pain

People who have problems sleeping may also be more sensitive to pain, thus potentially worsening the effects of chronic pain conditions, shows new research.

Insomnia tied to lower pain tolerance

People suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems have increased sensitivity to pain, a new research, involving over 10,000 adults, has found.

Insomnia hampers productivity of night shift workers

Treating insomnia in night shift workers may improve their work productivity and safety, says a new research.

Mind training as effective as anti-depressants: Study

 A form of mental training which helps people recognise the onset of depression, and control it, works as well as anti-depressants in preventing relapse, researchers said Monday.

Now, call doctors to your doorstep with Heal app

A new app, Heal, will now "uber" over a doctor to your doorstep at times of need.

Insomnia, depression can trigger nightmares

Worried about having frequent nightmares? It could be an early sign of depression, suggest Finnish researchers who have cited a possible link between depression and nightmares.

Brain waves reveal insomnia risk

Stress may trigger insomnia, but those with a lower amount of a particular pattern of brain waves are at even greater risk of developing the disorder, research has found.

Chronic insomnia ups mortality risk: Study

Chronic insomnia increases mortality risk primarily due to heart-related problems and not cancer, says a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

How much sleep do we really need?

The National Sleep Foundation in the US has done an extensive research and chalked out guidelines on how much sleep you really need at each age.

Terrorism induced anxiety-related insomnia can cause `job stress`

A new study has revealed that anxiety-related insomnia depletes vital resources, paving the way for occupational burnout.

Insomnia symptoms mediate relationship between suicide, alcohol use

A new study has recently provided a link between suicide risk with insomnia and alcohol use.

Suicide risk linked to insomnia, alcohol use

Alcohol use is associated with an increased risk of suicide and this increase may be partially due to insomnia symptoms, a new study has found.