Bijoy Hrankhawl wants to act as 'interlocutor' in peace talks

A former insurgent turned politician, Bijoy Hrankhawl, on Monday offered to be an "interlocutor" in the ongoing tripartite peace talks between the outlawed National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), the state government and the Centre.

Aug 24, 2015, 19:22 PM IST
'Insurgent' review: Shailene Woodley shines on

'Insurgent' review: Shailene Woodley shines on

Based on Veronica Roth's second novel from the Divergent trilogy, "Insurgent" is a technically brilliant film, packed with slick, high-action drama.

Mar 21, 2015, 17:14 PM IST

Bangladesh cooperating with India in nabbing insurgent leaders

 Bangladesh has been extending full cooperation to India through pro-active action against Indian insurgent groups based in that country that resulted in uprooting of several top militant leaders, Lok Sabha was told on Tuesday.

Mar 03, 2015, 15:40 PM IST

`Insurgent` trailer to debut with `Hunger Games: Mockingjay`

The first trailer for `Divergent` sequel `Insurgent` will be unveiled this November in front of screenings of `The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1`.

Aug 23, 2014, 08:59 AM IST

Iraq widens Internet blocks to disrupt insurgent communications

Iraq widened a clampdown on social media on Monday, blocking secure private communications channels to prevent Sunni militants from using them in their stunning sweep that is threatening to dismember the country.

Jun 17, 2014, 08:38 AM IST

Naomi Watts joins sequels to `Divergent`

Actress Naomi Watts has boarded `Divergent` sequels `Insurgent` and two `Allegiant` movies. The actress, who also stars in Gus Van Sant`s `Sea of Trees` opposite Matthew McConaughey, will play Evelyn, leader of the Factionless in the futuristic franchise.

Jun 05, 2014, 14:06 PM IST

Seven killed in Afghanistan attack

At least seven people were killed and 29 injured Friday when an insurgent group launched an attack on a security check point in Afghanistan, media reported.

May 09, 2014, 18:28 PM IST

Third `Divergent` book to be split in two movies

Lions Gate Entertainment company has decided to make two films from the final book in the `Divergent` trilogy.

Apr 15, 2014, 14:48 PM IST

Robert Schwentke to direct `Divergent` sequel

Robert Schwentke has been roped in to direct "Divergent" sequel titled "Insurgent".

Feb 13, 2014, 06:38 AM IST

Akiva Goldsman roped in to touch up `Insurgent` script

Akiva Goldsman has been roped in to contribute to the script for the sequel of `Divergent`.

Jan 31, 2014, 15:30 PM IST

Insurgent recruiting youngsters arrested in Manipur

An insurgent, who recruited youngsters in militant ranks, was arrested along with two boys by police commandos in Manipur`s Chandel district.

Jul 16, 2013, 13:19 PM IST

Insurgent activities saw a rise in Manipur

Okram Ibobi Singh led Congress to a third consecutive victory in Manipur and took the helm in 2012 which saw a rise in insurgent activities and as the year drew to a close.

Dec 25, 2012, 10:45 AM IST

Insurgent attacks kill 30, wound dozens in Iraq

Insurgents launched attacks against security forces and civilians in central and northern Iraq today, killing at least 30 people and wounding dozens, officials said.

Nov 28, 2012, 09:33 AM IST

Insurgent attacks kill 9, wound dozens in Iraq

Insurgents launched attacks against security forces and civilians in two parts of Iraq, killing at least nine people and wounding dozens.

Nov 27, 2012, 19:20 PM IST

Insurgent involved in bomb blast in Manipur arrest

An insurgent allegedly involved in a bomb blast at Khordak in which three Assam Rifles personnel were injured on October 15 has been arrested from Manipur`s Imphal West district.

Oct 18, 2012, 13:40 PM IST

Manipur: Insurgent arrested during search operation

An insurgent of banned People`s
Liberation Army (PLA), armed wing of Revolutionary People`s Front (RPF), was arrested during search operation on Wednesday.

Feb 29, 2012, 11:53 AM IST

Arunachal not to bow down to insurgent threats

Arunachal Pradesh government
on Friday asserted that it would not be cowed down by any threat
from insurgent outfits to the democratically elected

Mar 19, 2011, 00:16 AM IST

North-East insurgent leaders visiting China for arms

Some insurgent groups` leaders operating in North-Eastern states have visited China to procure arms.

Mar 10, 2011, 00:24 AM IST

Insurgent attacks kill 4 Iraqi security officers

The similar nature of attacks hinted at a campaign to hit security officials.

Jan 03, 2011, 08:59 AM IST

NATO service member killed in south Afghanistan

NATO says one of its service members
has been killed in southern Afghan in an insurgent

Jan 02, 2011, 15:04 PM IST