New device to enable Stephen Hawking to `speak` faster

World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking will be able to better communicate his ideas about fundamental physics after the technology that interprets his speech was upgraded with a new device.

Intel to challenge antitrust fine in EU court

US chipmaker Intel Corp will ask Europe`s second-highest court in July to scrap a 1.06 billion euro ($1.4 billion) EU antitrust fine, arguing regulators failed to prove it blocked a rival in their 2009 decision.

Intel India unveils plan to groom innovators

Global chip maker Intel Corporation Wednesday unveiled an outreach programme to groom future scientists in India as the next generation of innovators.

Intel`s Ultrabooks to cost around $1,000 on launch

The world`s largest chip- maker Intel Corporation today said the new `Ultrabook` devices being developed with its technology will initially cost around USD 1,000, but the price tag should fall below USD 799 in coming years.