Maharashtra: Youngsters can intern at Chief Minister's office

Youngsters can now do internship at Chief Minister's office in Maharashtra.

Student denied internship in Germany over ''rape problem'' in India
Student denied internship in Germany over ''rape problem'' in India

A professor from Leipzig University in Germany denied internship to an Indian male student citing the "rape problem" in India, but later offered an apology when Germany`s ambassador to India intervened and suggested the professor needed to "learn more about the diverse, dynamic and fascinating" country.

NUJS to have policy against sexual harassment of interns

Hit by successive complaints by two of its ex-students about sexual harassment during internship, the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences said they were giving final touches to a policy to handle such cases.

Vince Vaughn glad he waited for kids

Actor Vince Vaughn is glad he waited until he was older to have children because he appreciates them more.

Capitol Hill Internship for Indian Americans students

A Chicago-based Indian American organisation has announced a Capitol Hill internship program for two students of Indian origin, which will give them an opportunity to work with the US lawmakers for eight weeks.

Rashtrapati Bhavan`s press wing seeks interns

The press wing of Rashtrapati Bhavan has sought proposals from graduates of national and international reputed universities for a three-month internship programme.

Emma Stone wants internship at bakery

Actress Emma Stone always wanted to be a professional baker. So now she is planning to intern at a New York cake shop to fulfill her dream.