U2 to premiere new charity single during Super Bowl

U2 will premiere their new single `Invisible` during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2.

Gifted children might be invisible in class: Study

A study says the exceptionally smart are often the invisible in a classroom and miss teacher input and external motivation.

Beyonce wants to be invisible

R&B star Beyonce would love to have the superpower of "invisibility" so she can spy on people without being noticed.

Emraan Hashmi-Mahesh Bhatt reunite for `Invisible`

‘Invisible’ is the film that Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt`s most successful protege Emraan Hashmi will star in, thereby ending media speculation that the actor has been in two minds about doing a project for the banner that kick-started his career.

`Invisible` hearing aid makes UK debut

The 16-mm-long device can be worn for 24 hours up to four months at a time.

Soon, camera that makes seeing the `invisible` possible

Researchers developed a handheld camera to non-intrusively peek inside structures in real time.

Coming soon: camera that ‘sees the invisible’

Chemists are developing a camera that has the ability to see the invisible.

New camera uses microwave signals to bring “invisible” into view

A group of researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology in the US has developed a handheld camera that uses microwave signals to non-destructively peek inside materials and structures in real time.