Britain says Iran sanctions could be lifted next spring

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Monday he expected sanctions on Iran could start to be lifted as early as Spring next year.

EU extends Iran sanctions freeze to July 13

The EU extended a freeze on sanctions targeting Iran until Monday, the second such move this month to allow more time for tense talks in Vienna on agreeing a nuclear deal.

Iran sanctions freeze extended for 7 days for talks: EU
Iran sanctions freeze extended for 7 days for talks: EU

The European Union has extended a freeze on sanctions targeting Iran by one week, EU officials said Tuesday, as tense talks on agreeing a nuclear deal continue in Vienna.

Give Iran diplomacy a chance, Europeans urge Congress

Top European diplomats waded into the political fray in Washington over Iran, urging US lawmakers to hold off on new sanctions and pleading for time to allow nuclear talks to succeed.

EU likely to extend freeze on some Iran sanctions

The European Union is likely to extend a freeze on certain sanctions against Iran after negotiations over the country's nuclear programme were prolonged by seven months, a diplomatic has source said.

US has warned France about doing business with Iran: John Kerry

US has warned France that French companies - which sent executives to Tehran this week - will be punished if they violate US sanctions with Iran, John Kerry said.

US begins Iran sanctions relief, sees tough talks ahead

The United States has followed through on promised sanctions relief for Iran covering oil exports, trade in precious metals and automotive services as part of a nuclear agreement that began taking effect on Monday, US officials said.

Obama, Congress locked in Iran sanctions dispute

The Obama administration enters the year locked in a battle with Congress over whether to go ahead with new economic sanctions against Iran.

`No need` for new Iran sanctions: Obama

US President Barack Obama has said there is no need to impose new sanctions on Iran because current negotiations have a good chance to halt the country`s controversial nuclear programme which has been a challenge to America`s security for over a decade.

US exempts India, China from Iranian sanctions

The US on Friday exempted some countries, including India and China, from the tough Iranian sanctions act as they continue to reduce their dependence on Iranian oil.

New Iran sanctions would kill nuclear talks: John Kerry

Testifying before the Senate Banking Committee, Kerry said that fresh round of economic sanctions would scupper the negotiations.

John Kerry to warn US Senate off new Iran sanctions

Kerry faces a potentially hostile reception Wednesday when he urges skeptical US lawmakers not to proceed with proposed new sanctions aimed at halting Iran`s nuclear drive.

Obama admin seeks pause in new Iran sanctions push

The Obama administration is asking Congress to hold off on enacting new sanctions against Iran.

Easing sanction against Iran historic mistake: Netanyahu

Any move to ease sanctions against Iran would be a "historic mistake", Israel`s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned as Tehran resumed talks with six world powers over its controversial nuclear programme.

Israel`s Netanyahu calls for tighter Iran sanctions

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called for sanctions on Iran to be strengthened to curb its atomic programme, which the Israeli leader said could lead to nuclear military abilities.

Indian tanker seized by Iran allowed to leave: Report

An Indian oil tanker seized by Iran in August for allegedly polluting Gulf waters has been allowed to leave the port where it was held, an Iranian official said on Thursday.

US senators urge Obama to toughen Iran sanctions

Seventy-six US senators have urged President Barack Obama to impose tougher sanctions on Iran, saying Washington must stress its military option even as new President Hassan Rowhani urges dialogue.

Israel urges tougher Iran sanctions whoever wins vote

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon has called for tougher sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme regardless of who is elected as its new president, public radio reported on Saturday.

Sanctions fight requires oil shift: Iran President

Iran`s President says the country must move away from dependence on oil revenue to overcome Western sanctions that have slowed the economy and disrupted foreign trade.

EU support of sanctions is `foolish`: Iran leader

Iran`s top leader says European countries are "foolish" to support sanctions against Tehran, telling them they are sacrificing themselves for US.