Six months relief for India, countries importing oil from Iran

India and other major Iranian oil importing countries have got six months relief from reducing their import after the Islamic Republic agreed to curb parts of its disputed nuclear programme.

US exempts India, China from Iranian sanctions

The US on Friday exempted some countries, including India and China, from the tough Iranian sanctions act as they continue to reduce their dependence on Iranian oil.

Greek national blacklisted for dealing in Iranian oil

The United States today imposed sanctions on a Greek businessman who allegedly helped Iran evade international oil embargo.

US set to extend waivers on Iran oil sanctions

Two officials said an announcement of the six-month extensions was expected from the State Department today.

Iran sets up private oil export to beat sanctions

An officer says Iran has set up a private oil export group in an attempt to bypass a European ban on buying Iranian oil.

US welcomes EU actions on Iranian oil

The White House commended the European Union`s latest moves to prohibit all Iranian oil imports as part of sanctions.

Hillary lauds India for reducing reliance on Iran

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday lauded the steps taken by India to reduce its dependence on Iranian oil.

‘India taking steps in right direction on Iran’

Both India and China, two major buyers of Iranian oil
accounting for 12 and 22 per cent of its total export

`No contradiction in India`s ties with Iran, US`

Despite the US imposing fresh sanctions on Iran, India has made it clear that it will continue to buy Iranian oil.

China faces tough balancing act over Iran

China faces more challenges in its Iran policy this year as Washington and its allies move to impose tougher sanctions.