Iraq Parliament approves PM Abadi`s anti-corruption plan

Iraq`s Parliament on Tuesday unanimously approved Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi`s reform programme aimed at curbing corruption and reducing government waste that has sparked widespread anger and weeks of protests.

Sunni Iraqi MPs boycott parliament after tribal chief killed

Iraqi Sunni lawmakers on Sunday they were boycotting parliament after the killing of a senior tribal leader was blamed on Shiite militia, sparking fresh tensions between the two communities.

Iraqi Parliament approves new govt headed by Haider al-Abadi
Iraqi Parliament approves new govt headed by Haider al-Abadi

The Iraqi Parliament approved a new government headed by Haider Abadi as prime minister on Monday night.

Iraq lawmakers postpone vote on new president

Iraq`s Parliament agreed to postpone a vote for a new president by a day Wednesday as the extremist Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Baghdad the night before that killed 31 people.

Iraq Parliament elects speaker as Tikrit push falters

Iraq`s sharply divided parliament elected a speaker Tuesday in a step forward in the delayed government formation process, as a renewed bid to recapture Tikrit from militants ended in retreat.

Iraq parliament elects speaker as forces push into Tikrit

Iraq`s fractious parliament elected a speaker on Tuesday, setting the stage for the government formation process to proceed after extensive delays.

Sunnis, Kurds abandon Iraq parliament after no replacement for Maliki named

Sunnis, Kurds abandon Iraq parliament after no replacement for Maliki named

Iraqi Parliament speaker calls for government`s resignation

Iraqi Parliament`s speaker Osama al- Nujaifi Monday called for the resignation of the government and holding early elections, Xinhua reported.

Iraq`s Sunni-backed MPs end Parliament boycott

Iraqiya began a boycott of parliament and cabinet to
protest what it charged was Iraq PM`s
centralisation of power.

Key Iraq bloc to boycott Parliament as US quits

The secular Iraqiya bloc walked out of parliament sparking a political
crisis days after US forces ended their mission.

Amended Iraq election law still angers Sunnis

Iraq`s parliament on Monday amended the country`s vetoed election law with a new version that doesn`t address the concerns of the country`s aggrieved Sunnis, prompting predictions of further vetoes and delayed elections.

Iraqi Parliament passes key election law

Iraqi MPs on Sunday approved a law to govern the country`s general election due in early 2010, paving the way to agree a date for the vote, said the Parliament`s Vice President.