Sunnis feel victimised as Iraq goes to polls

Since soldiers arrested and beat Abu Noor, his son and nephew at their modest house in Baghdad`s Adhamiyah neighbourhood, he and his wife have been too scared to leave home.

Iraq attacks kill 15 as UN warns of `divisive` polls

The attacks came on the second day of campaigning for April 30 parliamentary polls, Iraq`s first since March 2010.

Iraq electoral commission resigns en masse weeks before vote

The entire board of Iraq`s electoral commission tendered its resignation in protest against political interference, casting doubt on a nationwide vote scheduled for next month.

Iraq counts votes from first polls since US pullout

Iraqi election officials were to begin counting votes on Sunday from the country`s first elections since US troops departed, which served as a key test of its stability amid a spike in violence.

Voting underway in Iraq regional elections

Polls opened amid tight security in Iraq on Saturday for regional elections in the country`s first vote since the US military withdrawal, marking an important test of the country`s stability.

Iraq forces cast ballots ahead of provincial polls

Iraqi soldiers and policemen cast their ballots for provincial elections on Saturday, a week ahead of the main vote that comes amid an uptick in violence and a long-running political crisis.

‘Terror groups still active in Iraq’

The Parliamentary Elections in Iraq on March 7 will be a crucial test for the country’s young democracy.

‘Terror groups still active in Iraq’

The Parliamentary Elections in Iraq on March 7 will be a crucial test for the country’s young democracy.

Sadr urges Iraqis to vote to help end US ‘occupation’

Anti-American Shi`ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, speaking at a rare news conference in Tehran, has urged Iraqis to take part in Sunday`s election to help pave the way for Iraq`s "liberation" from US forces.

Cast ballots and get killed: Al Qaeda to Iraqis

Al Qaeda in Iraq has threatened to kill people who vote in the war-torn nation`s election and imposed a self-declared curfew during polling hours when millions are to cast ballots.

Suicide blasts kill 33 ahead of Iraq polls

Three powerful coordinated suicide attacks in Baquba killed at least 33 people and wounded 55 just days before nationwide parliamentary polls.

Iraq vows tough punishment for campaign vandals

With tempers high ahead of Iraq`s national elections next month, even tearing down a campaign poster is a flash point between Sunnis and Shi’ites.

Iraq`s vote won`t affect US drawdown: Pentagon

Iraq`s decision to hold Parliamentary Elections in March will not interfere with the US military`s plans to reduce the number of troops in the country to 50,000 by the end of August, the Pentagon said on Thursday.