NASA launches satellite to study solar material

The US space agency launched a satellite late yesterday to unlock the secrets of the Sun`s lower atmosphere.

NASA`s sun-observing satellite launch delayed

The launched of NASA’s sun-observing satellite has been delayed by 24 hours due to power outage in California.

FBI to launch facial recognition system for criminals

The Next Generation Identification programme matches surveillance images to photos of known criminals to aid agents in catching suspects.

Now, a laser therapy to change your eye colour

Want to change your eye colour permanently? You may soon be able to do that, as a US doctor claims to have developed a laser treatment that can turn your brown eyes to blue forever.

Now, iris scan help predict race, gender

A new system has been developed that can pick out similarities between irises instead of the differences.

UIDAI brings out status paper on iris scan

Trying to allay the apprehensions
expressed on the use of eye scan in preparation of unique
number to all residents of the country, UIDAI has come out
with a status paper on collecting iris biometrics.