Spain arrests three suspected jihadists: Ministry

Spain`s Interior Ministry said on Saturday it had arrested in two men suspected of trying to recruit people for Islamic jihad, or "holy war", as well as a woman ready to go to the conflict zone.

Israel reinstates internment of hunger striker Allan

 Israel reinstated the detention without trial on Wednesday of Palestinian Mohammed Allan, whose recent two-month hunger strike brought him near death and increased tensions in the occupied West Bank.

ICRC says Palestinian hunger striker at risk of death

A Palestinian detainee on hunger strike in an Israeli jail for 50 days is now "at immediate risk" of death, the International Committee of the Red Cross warned on Friday.

Israel arrests Palestinian hunger-striker

Israeli police arrested Palestinian Khader Adnan for allegedly entering Jerusalem illegally following a 56-day prison hunger strike that brought him near death, authorities said Tuesday.

15,000 join anti-Islam protest in eastern Germany

A record 15,000 people marched Monday in eastern Germany against "asylum cheats" and the country`s "Islamisation" in the latest show of strength of a growing far-right populist movement.

Israel strikes Gaza after increased rocket attacks

Israeli forces launched massive airstrikes in the Gaza Strip overnight Monday, hitting dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in retaliation to the increased rocket attacks from the Palestinian enclave.

Gaza militants say truce restored

Gaza`s Islamic Jihad has announced that an Egyptian-brokered truce had been restored following a brief but intense confrontation a day earlier when Israeli warplanes pounded the Strip after heavy cross-border rocket fire.

Islamic Jihad says Gaza truce now in effect

The radical Islamic Jihad movement said on Thursday that an Egyptian-brokered truce had gone into effect to halt a spiralling confrontation with Israel.

Islamic Jihad chief dies after clash with Hamas police

Islamic Jihad severed contacts with the Hamas rulers of Gaza today after a commander in its military wing died.

Israel top court takes Palestinian detainee appeal

Khader Adnan has refused food since he was arrested in the West Bank in December.

Israel trades fire with Gaza’s Islamic Jihad

Exchanges of fire are common between southern Israel and the Gaza strip under Hamas, but this is the worst in months.

Israeli jets hit Islamic Jihad camps in Gaza

Islamic Jihad has always refused to observe a calm in attacks against Israel.

Big rally by Islamic Jihad in Gaza, joined by Hamas

Islamic Jihad militants harass southern Israel with sporadic rocket attacks.

Two killed in Israeli strike against Gaza

Two Palestinians were killed and 07 injured in Israeli strike against Gaza.

Egypt arrests 26 suspected of plotting terrorism

Egypt has arrested 26 suspects who the prosecutor said belonged to a cell of militant group Islamic jihad and were plotting "terrorist acts" against tourists and state installations, the official news agency MENA has reported.