Bangladesh court remands hardline cleric over TV host's murder

A detained Bangladeshi hardline Islamic cleric was on Monday remanded for two days in police custody for interrogation of his alleged links with the murder of a liberal preacher and popular TV host this year.

Bangladesh hit by strike over murder of liberal Islamic cleric

The mysterious murder of a liberal Islamic cleric and popular TV host in Bangladesh triggered an eight-hour nationwide strike today bringing the capital city to a standstill with most transport services off the road and schools shut.

Outrage over Oz Islamic cleric`s fatwa calling celebrating Christmas `sin`

Australia`s biggest mosque has removed an online post that called for a ``fatwa`` against Christmas after condemnation by the Muslim community.

Divorce by SMS valid: Islamic cleric

The Imam of a mosque in Uttar Pradesh has held that an SMS sent by a man stating `Talaq` thrice to his wife was valid for a divorce.

Don’t be close to bananas: Islamic cleric to women

The cleric said that if women wish to eat bananas, a third party should cut the items into small pieces and serve.

Trial on for Indonesia`s firebrand Islamic cleric

Abu Bakar Bashir allegedly helped fund foot-soldiers for a terror cell.

Firebrand Islamic cleric`s trial adjourned in Indonesia

Abu Bakar Bashir faces fresh charges that carry the death penalty.

US cleric warns attacks on Americans

Radical Islamic cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, in a new video has warned of new attacks on Americans.

Israeli court clears Islamic cleric on rioting charge

An Israeli court on Tuesday declared a
leading Islamic cleric not guilty of rioting though he still
faces possible jail time on other charges.