Ethiopian Israelis protest against `police brutality`

Thousands of Ethiopian Israelis protested in central Tel Aviv on Sunday against alleged police brutality and institutionalised discrimination, an AFP correspondent said.

Palestinians join ICC with Israelis in sights

The Palestinians formally gain membership of the International Criminal Court on Wednesday with the aim of pursuing Israelis for war crimes, despite uncertainty over the move's wider ramifications.

Israelis ready to dump family, sex for internet: Poll

A Google poll revealed that many Israeli people are willing to sacrifice sex and stop talking to their mothers for the sake of internet surfing.

Egypt asks Israelis, Palestinians to resume talks

Egypt Monday called on the Israelis and the Palestinians to resume in Cairo next week the talks on reinforcing the ceasefire and restoring calm in the Gaza Strip, a senior official said.

Israeli swimmers battle plastic bags to take open water record
Israeli swimmers battle plastic bags to take open water record

Six Israelis on Saturday claimed the world open water relay record after swimming 380 kilometres (236 miles) home from Cyprus in a challenge also meant to highlight ocean pollution.

UN says Palestinians, Israelis reach deal on Gaza reconstruction

The United Nations, Israel and the Palestinian Authority have reached a deal to allow reconstruction work to begin in the war-torn Gaza Strip with UN monitoring of the use of materials, UN Middle East envoy Robert Serry said on Tuesday.

Thousands of pro-peace Israelis stage demo

The pro-peace protest was the largest in Israel since it launched operation Protective Edge on July 8, an offensive that has seen at least 1,980 Palestinian deaths and 67 on the Israeli side.

10,000 Israelis demand end to rocket attacks

Around 10,000 Israelis poured into downtown Tel Aviv on Thursday, calling on the government and the army to end Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza once and for all.

Gaza toll 609 as US blames Hamas for crisis

The relentless Israeli military campaign dubbed Operation Protective Edge targeting the Gaza Strip, which has lasted for more than two weeks, has killed over 600 Palestinians even as the US Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the Islamist Hamas movement for the ongoing crisis.

373 Palestinians, 7 Israelis killed; no sign of ceasefire

Amid intense efforts by world leaders to broker a ceasefire, Israel on Sunday expanded its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip after the death of its four soldiers, while the Palestinian militant groups used suicide bombers and bomb laden donkey carts to attack Israeli troops.

UN Security Council calls for Gaza ceasefire

The UN Security Council urged Israel and Hamas on Saturday to end their hostilities in Gaza, calling on both sides to respect "international humanitarian laws" and stop the loss of life.

Kidnapped Israelis shot 10 times with silenced gun: US lab

Three Israeli teenagers who were abducted by Palestinians in the occupied West Bank last month were shot at least 10 times with a silenced gun in what appeared to be premeditated killings, a US official involved in the investigation said.

Two Israelis killed in Belgium museum attack: Ministry

Two of the three people shot dead in an attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels were Israeli tourists, a spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry said today.

Hamas sends Israelis threatening text messages

The military wing of Hamas which rules Gaza sent threatening text messages to Israelis on Saturday, 10 years after the Palestinian Islamist movement`s spiritual leader was killed in an Israeli air strike.

80% of Israelis say peace talks will fail: Poll

The vast majority of Israelis believe US-brokered negotiations with the Palestinians will fail to bring any peace agreement, an opinion poll published on Friday showed.

Most Israelis support Iran strike: Poll

A majority of Israelis would support unilateral military action against Iran, according to a poll published on Friday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government was ready to act alone.

Israelis create `super plants` that resist drought

A group of researchers in Israel have reportedly grown genetically engineered plants that can live longer and resist long periods without water and can yield more produce.

Israelis, Palestinians could reach truce `soon`: Morsi

Egyptian Prez Morsi has said his govt has been in "vigorous" communication with both Israelis and Palestinians and there are indications of a truce.

Israelis killed in Bulgaria bus blast, Iran blamed

A bus packed with Israeli tourists was hit by a blast in Bulgaria at Burgas Black Sea airport, killing at least four.

‘No special tribute to slain Israelis’

In a major disappointment, the International Olympic Committee has rejected Israel’s request to hold a special tribute to its 11 team members.