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Italian PM unveils new government, but centre-right ally threatens to quit

Newly appointed Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni unveiled his government on Monday, keeping almost all the outgoing ministers in place in a sign of continuity aimed at reassuring financial markets.

Counting begins in key polls testing Italian premier Renzi

The centre-left party of Italian premier Matteo Renzi faced battles in regional elections, exit polls showed Monday, after balloting which is also seen as a measure of the fading fortunes of ex-leader Silvio Berlusconi.

Italian PM says 800 victims of trawler will be given burial

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Saturday repeated his commitment to refloat the wreck of the trawler which sank in April with the deaths of around 800 migrants and lay to rest the victims.

Italian PM Matteo Renzi says Italy can't tackle Mediterranean migrant crisis alone

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Sunday called for a concerted international effort to block people-traffickers after the reported deaths of up to 700 migrants in the latest sinking in the Mediterranean.

Italian PM announces 10 billion euros in tax cuts

New Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi today announced ten billion euros worth of tax cuts in the first major economic announcement since he came to power last month.

Italian leftist Enrico Letta to be country`s PM

Italian leftist Enrico Letta was nominated to be the new prime minister, bringing to an end a bitter two-month deadlock on forming a new government with the imminent launch of a coalition between right, centre and left.

Monti assures `correct governance` of Finmeccanica

Italian PM Mario Monti has said that his government would guarantee the "correct governance" of state-controlled defence firm Finmeccanica.

Berlusconi sues mag over pics showing him embracing women at his villa

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is suing a gossip magazine for publishing compromising pictures of him embracing five young women at his villa in Sardinia.

We will not desert Afghanistan: Italian PM

Mario Monti met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Italian troops during today`s visit.

Obama praises economic reforms of Italian PM

The US President, Barack Obama,
has praised the economic reforms initiated by Italian Prime
Minister Mario Monti.

EU must recognise Italy's debt crisis efforts: Italian PM

The European Union must recognise Italy's efforts in fighting the sovereign debt crisis or risk the third-largest eurozone economy falling into the hands of anti-EU populists, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said in an interview.

Euro 'not in crisis': Italian PM

Monti, a former European commissioner who took office as Italy's prime minister and finance minister in November.

Italian PM `paid £2.5 mn to women at parties`

The bank details reveal that among the women who were handsomely rewarded was Sabina Began.

`Dinner parties turned into the unspeakable`

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is known worldwide for his libido boasts.

Italian PM seeks confidence vote, expects to win

Silvio Berlusconi said a collapse of his centre-right coalition now would be catastrophic for Italy.

Italian PM’s 75th leaves very little to celebrate

Bad news and personal embarrassments are piling up for the billionaire businessman-turned-politician.

Italian PM avoids parliamentary embarrassment

Italian parliamentarians voted against allowing the arrest of a former aide of Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti on corruption charges.

‘Sex with Italian PM Berlusconi was fantastic’

Actress/model Evelina Mann has opened up about her fling with the leader in the pages of October’s Playboy magazine.

Italian PM attends court for graft hearing

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi is in the spotlight once again for revelations about his sex life.

Italian PM to write memoir on his private life

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been linked with a string of young women.