Italy captures mafia initiation rites on film, 40 arrests

Secret mafia initiation rites have been caught on camera for the first time by Italian police, who on Tuesday arrested 40 suspected gangsters in raids across the north of the country.

Italian police arrest two people over slush funds

Italian police arrested two former officials of the government-controlled Finmeccanica, Italy`s biggest defence and aerospace group, in an investigation into allegations of bribery and corruption.

Italian police investigate use of Skype for webcam blackmail

Italian police in Genoa are reportedly investigating into complaints by victims of blackmail who have alleged that perpetrators were using Skype to trap people into online sexual indiscretions and extort money from them.

Italian police find John Paul II relic discarded by thieves

Italian police have recovered part of a religious relic stained with Polish pope John Paul II`s blood that was thrown away by thieves thinking it worthless, the Italian press reported on Saturday.

Gattuso under investigation over match-fixing

Gennaro Gattuso, a member of Italy`s 2006 World Cup-winning side, was placed under investigation while four people were arrested in connection with a match-fixing scandal today, Italian police reported.

Italian police bust online child-pornography ring

At least 10 people were arrested in Italy as police carried out a nationwide raid on a child-pornography ring Monday, having discovered over five million such images.

Pope John Paul II relic stolen: Italian police

Police say a vial containing the blood of the late Pope John Paul II was stolen from a priest in Italy but recovered by authorities hours later.

Gaddafi son`s luxury car seized by Italian police

A luxury vehicle belonging to Al Saadi Gaddafi, son of slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, has been seized by Italian police.

Police fire tear gas as protesters riot in Rome

The protest in the Italian capital was part of "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations against capitalism and austerity measures.

Police send ‘holy’ Roman robber to Queen of Heaven

Italian police found a fitting temporary home for an accused jewellery robber whose priestly disguise failed to help him slip past their dragnet.

Father-son duo arrested in Italy for 26/11 links

The Italian police on Saturday arrested two Pakistani men accused of providing logistical support for last year`s terror attacks in Mumbai.