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US to deploy 2 more destroyers to Japan by 2017

The US will deploy two additional ballistic missile defense destroyers to Japan by 2017 as part of an effort to bolster protection from North Korean missile threats, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday.

Japan orders military to strike any new North Korea missile launches

Japan has ordered a destroyer in the Sea of Japan to strike any ballistic missiles that may be launched by North Korea in the coming weeks after Pyongyang fired a Rodong medium-range missile over the sea, a government source said on Saturday.

Japan wants India`s support on disputes with China

Engaged in a territorial dispute with China, Japan Thursday sought to rope in India`s support over "the recent Chinese provocative actions" saying a message needs to be sent to it collectively that status quo cannot be changed by force.

Japan to lift order to shoot down any incoming N Korea missile

The Japanese government will soon lift an order for its military to shoot down North Korean ballistic missiles, government sources said.

Japan seeks US help to avoid clash with China

Japan has sought US support for setting up a hot line "as soon as possible" between Tokyo and Beijing to avert an inadvertent clash between Japan`s Self- Defence Forces and the Chinese military.

China says Japan tarnishing its image

China Thursday accused Japan of creating tension and tarnishing its image, and conducting "illegal activities" in China`s territorial waters and airspace.

Japan holds military drill aimed at island defence

Japan has conducted a military drill apparently aimed at bolstering defence of islands at the center of a territorial dispute with China.