Indian-origin nurse blamed herself in royal hoax case

India-born nurse Jacintha Saldanha, found hanging at a hospital here days after receiving a hoax call about Kate Middleton's first pregnancy, blamed herself for releasing intimate details about the Dutchess's condition.

Royal hoax DJ apologises to Indian nurse's family

One of the two Australian DJs, who made a hoax call to a London hospital about Kate Middleton's first pregnancy, on Friday tearfully apologised to the family of an India-born nurse who committed suicide after the broadcast of the prank.

Indian-born nurse who took Australian royal prank call blamed herself, inquest hears

A nurse found hanging after a prank call from two Australian radio presenters about Kate Middleton`s first pregnancy blamed herself for the embarrassing release of intimate details of the duchess`s condition, an inquest heard on Thursday.

India-born nurse's royal hoax inquest opens in UK

An inquest into the death of India-born UK nurse Jacintha Saldanha, found hanged after she took a hoax call at a hospital in London about Kate Middleton's first pregnancy, opened here today.

Australian royal prank DJ broken by global backlash

hich a nurse was found hanged says the ordeal broke her, with death threats and depression taking their toll.An Australian radio DJ at the centre of a royal hoax call controversy in w

Australian Royal prank DJ settles case, resigns

Mel Greig also won a public concession from her employer, Southern Cross Austereo, that she had not been responsible for broadcasting the call and had suggested it be edited before being aired.

Jacintha Saldanha`s family outraged over media boss` `shit happens` comment

British nurse Jacintha Saldanha`s family has expressed shock over comments made by Southern Cross Media`s boss over her death and has demanded and apology.

India-born nurse`s death: Watchdog finds radio station guilty

A report by Australia`s media watchdog on the death of India-born nurse Jacintha Saldanha here, following a prank call from two radio jockeys, has found the radio station guilty of acting illegally, a leading British daily reported Thursday.

Aus media watchdog acting outside power: FM station`s lawyer

Australian broadcast watchdog was acting outside its power while probing a radio station`s jockeys royal prank call that led to the death of an Indian-origin nurse in the UK, a Sydney court was told today.

Jacintha Saldanha death inquest delayed again

The inquest into last year`s death of India-born nurse Jacintha Saldanha in London following a prank call from two Australian radio jockeys about the then pregnant Duchess of Cambridge has been put off for the second time.

Oz DJ involved in Indian nurse suicide to get huge payout?

Australian DJ Mel Greig, who is currently embroiled in the case of Indian nurse Jacintha Saldanha`s suicide case, could get a six- or seven-figure payout, according to a lawyer.

Kate hoax call: Keith Vaz slams award for RJ

British Indian MP Keith Vaz has slammed the decision of an Australian radio station to reward a presenter linked with the prank call that resulted in the death of an India-born nurse here last year.

Kate hoax call: Indian nurse`s family slams DJ award

The family of the Indian origin nurse, who killed herself days after a prank call, has slammed the radio station for giving one of the DJs a major award.

Saldanha inquest delayed till September, Aussie DJ to appear

One of the two Australian radio jockeys involved in a prank phone call to a UK hospital treating a pregnant Kate Middleton, that apparently led to the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, said she will appear at the now-delayed inquest.

Kate hoax call nurse Jacintha Saldanha`s letter `blames` DJs for suicide

Indian origin UK nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who died after being a victim of a prank by two Australian DJs, has left a note blaming them, it has been revealed.

Kate hoax call: India-born UK nurse blamed Oz radio DJs in suicide note

Nurse Jacinta Saldanha, who committed suicide after answering a hoax phone call about the Duchess of Cambridge by two Australian DJs, left a suicide note where she reportedly blamed them for her death.

UK hoax call: Evidence handed over to legal team

Key evidence in the death of Indian-origin nurse Jacintha Saldanha has been handed over to the legal team representing the Australian radio station behind the hoax call that apparently lead to her suicide.

Oz DJ behind Indian nurse’s suicide banned from saying sorry to her family

Australian DJ Mel Greig, who is at the centre of the ill-fated royal radio prank, desperately wants to send a condolence letter to the family of nurse Jacintha Saldanha but has been reportedly banned from doing so.

Royal hoax nurse`s family struggles with legal bills

The family of the India-born nurse, who is believed to have committed suicide after receiving a hoax call on Kate Middleton`s pregnancy, is struggling with the prospect of massive legal bills to uncover the truth.

Royal hoax call prankster back on air in Australia

One of the two Australian radio presenters whose royal prank call to a British hospital treating Kate Middleton went awry returned on air on Monday.