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Psychiatrist warned of threat before US shooting

A psychiatrist who treated the suspect in last year`s Colorado theatre shooting told police a month before the attack that James Holmes had homicidal thoughts.

Colorado shooter copied my hair colour: Prostitute

A redheaded hooker has said she had sex with James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people at a movie hall in Colorado.

When ‘Dark Knight’ killer hired a prostitute to have sex

James Holmes paid $240 for an encounter with a prostitute just a week before Colorado shooting, but in the end was too freaked out to perform.

Prostitutes hired by ‘Colorado’ killer claim he was `nice guy`

James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people during the screening of the latest Batman film - ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’- may have hired several prostitutes in the months before he carried out the shooting.

Colorado shooting suspect sent notes to University

James Eagan Holmes, the man accused of killing twelve people during the premiere of new Batman movie, had sent a notebook detailing his plans to a psychiatrist at his University before the attack.