James McAvoy gets best actor award at BAFTA Scotland
James McAvoy gets best actor award at BAFTA Scotland

Actor James McAvoy has won the best actor award at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Scotland Awards.

James McAvoy returns to stage
James McAvoy returns to stage

'X Men' star James McAvoy is returning to Trafalgar Transformed for his next stage project, The Ruling Class.

James McAvoy will go bald for 'X-Men: Apocalypse'
James McAvoy will go bald for 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

 Actor James McAvoy is likely to go bald in 'X-Men: Apocalypse', but knows very little about the next film in the popular X-Men franchise.

James McAvoy loved his hair extensions

Actor James McAvoy says he loved wearing the hair extensions for `X-Men: Days of Future Past`.

James McAvoy calls Jennifer Lawrence `demon`

Actor James McAvoy says Jennifer Lawrence is a demon because she can easily match up to most men with her drinking and fighting skills.

Channing Tatum can play Wolverine: Hugh Jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman believes that Channing Tatum can replace him in `X-Men` movie series where he plays the role of `Wolverine`.

James McAvoy to quit doing stunts himself

Scottish actor James McAvoy has vowed to quit shooting daredevil scenes and employ a stunt double after repeatedly injuring himself on set.

James McAvoy wanted his character to die in `Filth`

James McAvoy feels it was important that his character in crime-drama `Filth` was killed in an obvious way.

James McAvoy considered career in the navy

James McAvoy considered becoming a sailor before becoming an actor.

I want to keep my private life private: James McAvoy

‘X-Men: First Class’ star James McAvoy likes to keep his family away from media attention.

James McAvoy to play Frankenstein?

Actor James McAvoy is in negotiations to play Victor Von Frankenstein in 20th Century Fox`s remake of Mary Shelley`s classic Gothic novel.

Trance` torture scenes affected me: James McAvoy

Actor James McAvoy has spoken about filming the torture scenes in his new movie ‘Trance’, saying the shots affected him tremendously.

`Trance` is like an unsolved jigsaw puzzle: Danny Boyle

Academy-award wining director Danny Boyle says his upcoming film ‘Trance’ is like a puzzle and the audiences will have to use their intelligence to solve the plot of the psychological thriller.

I want to play Gandalf in Tolkien prequels: James McAvoy

‘X-Men: First Class’ star James McAvoy says he would love to play legendary wizard Gandalf.

James McAvoy runs with Olympic torch

James McAvoy beamed with pride as he carried the Olympic torch through his native Scotland.

James Mcavoy to star in Danny Boyle`s thriller

Hollywood actor James McAvoy is set to star in a new thriller `Trance`, to be directed by Oscar winning flimmaker Danny Boyle.

3D movies waste of money: James McAvoy

James McAvoy feels 3D movies are a ‘waste of money’ and merely a way of making more cash out of cinema enthusiasts.

James McAvoy to sacrifice lush hair for ‘X-Men’ sequel

Scottish actor James McAvoy has revealed that he would ditch his lush hair for the role of bald professor Charles Xavier when he returns for the ‘X-Men’ sequel.

Hollywood actor James McAvoy`s big confusion

McAvoy doesn`t know how he has been changed by being a father and thinks he will only find out when his son Brendan grows up.

Fans don`t recognise James McAvoy

Actor James McAvoy admits he hardly gets noticed while walking on streets.