NASA set to replace Hubble with James Webb telescope in 3 years
NASA set to replace Hubble with James Webb telescope in 3 years

The James Webb Space Telescope will be the premier astronomical observatory of the next decade.

Universe may have fewer galaxies than expected

A new study has shown that Universe may contain fewer galaxies than what was expected.

New study to shed light on 'super-Earths'

 A new study has provided a deeper insight into the long-running hunt for super-Earths orbiting into the space.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope backplane ready for mirror integration

The static load testing of the primary mirror backplane support structure (PMBSS) for NASA`s James Webb Space Telescope has been completed.

Next-generation NASA telescope on track for 2018 launch

The head of US space agency NASA has said that its next-generation James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the 24-year-old Hubble Space Telescope, is on track for a 2018 launch.

Elements come together for next big telescope: NASA

All the pieces of the most powerful space telescope ever are ready for assembly at NASA, the US space agency said Monday.

Now, you too can become a planetary nursery finding `detective`

NASA has begun inviting the public to help astronomers discover embryonic planetary systems hidden among data from the agency`s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission through a new website,

NASA`s new telescope can detect signs of life on planets orbiting white dwarfs

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), set to be launched by NASA in 2018, will be capable of detecting oxygen and water in the atmosphere of an Earth-like planet orbiting a white dwarf.

Quasar embedded in dusty galaxy hiding secrets

Observation of one of the most distant and brightest quasars in the universe has surprised Hubble astronomers as they did not see the underlying host galaxy of stars feeding it.

Canada unveils device for big space telescope

The Canadian Space Agency has unveiled a precision equipment that will be used on the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the Hubble.

NASA vows $8.8 bn space telescope on track for `18

After a series of delays and billions spent over budget, the potent James Webb Space Telescope is on track to launch in 2018 at a total project cost of USD 8.8 billion, NASA has vowed.