Japan's PM Abe says his 'heart aches' over WW2 sex slaves

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday his heart ached for women who were forced into prostitution by the nation`s military during World War Two, and he stood by previous Japanese leaders` apologies for the country`s wartime history.

In Israel, Japan PM says committed to Mideast peace

Japan's Prime Minster Shinzo Abe said on Monday that Tokyo was committed to working for Middle East peace during a visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.

Japan PM aims early pact on easing curb on military

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signalled his hope on Tuesday for an early agreement with his ruling party`s dovish junior partner on easing constitutional curbs that have kept Japan`s military from fighting abroad since World War Two.

Japan PM may skip visit to war dead shrine

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will likely skip visiting a shrine for war dead on a traditional remembrance day this month.

China media accuses Japan PM of dangerous politics

The People`s Liberation Army Daily said Abe was trying to play the "China threat" angle.

Help still needed in quake-hit regions: Japan PM

Shinzo Abe addressed his country on the two-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, saying there is still help needed to eliminate the consequences of the natural calamity.

North Korea`s N-test regrettable: Japanese PM

The nuclear test conducted by North Korea is "regrettable", Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday.

Abe bats for India-Japan-US cooperation

Favouring greater interaction
between Indian and Japanese navies, former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe on Tuesday said the two sides should work
closely with the US to secure the sea lanes of commerce and
ensure a stable Asia.

New Japan PM `concerned` by China military rise

Japan`s new Prime Minister Yoshihiko
Noda said today he was concerned about China`s military

New Japan PM gets approval rating of 63 percent

New prime ministers typically start out with relatively high approval ratings in the 60s.

Japan`s finance minister to become new PM

Japan`s ruling party has elected Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda as its new chief.

Japan PM urges nuclear-free future

Japan`s PM Naoto Kan said that the country must gradually reduce its reliance on atomic power with the eventual goal of becoming nuclear-free.

Japan PM adds Cabinet jobs on tsunami, nuke crisis

The moves are seen as an attempt by Kan to strengthen
his hand against a growing number of critics.

Japan PM could resign before August: Lawmaker

Katsuya Okada said if PM Naoto Kan achieved 3 policy goals, he could step down before August-end.

Japan PM may set conditions for resignation

Naoto Kan survived a no-confidence vote earlier this month after promising to quit later.

Japan PM ready to step down in August: Ally

Last week Kan survived an opposition no-confidence motion.

Japan PM survives with offer to quit once crisis overcome

Naoto Kan offered to resign once Japan`s nuclear crisis was overcome.

PM to explain Japan`s post-quake efforts during Europe visit

Naoto Kan left on Wednesday for Europe on his first trip overseas since the
devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami, to brief world leaders on Japan`s reconstruction efforts.

Support for Japan PM rebounds after disaster: Poll

A number of voters however criticised Naoto Kan`s response to nuclear crisis.

You can`t lose this battle: Japan PM to nuke workers

Japan`s PM promises to support those who lost everything in massive tsunami.