Jaspal Bhatti dead

Jaspal Bhatti cremated, hundreds mourn

The mortal remains of famous comedian, actor and satirist Jaspal Bhatti were consigned to flames at a cremation ground Thursday evening.

Oct 26, 2012, 21:21 PM IST

Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident

Jaspal Bhatti, the man who made all of us laugh our hearts out with his ‘Flop Show’ and ‘Ulta Pulta’ comedy, is no more.

Oct 25, 2012, 22:16 PM IST

Politicians condole Jaspal Bhatti`s demise

As a class, politicians may have been at the receiving end of humorist-actor Jaspal Bhatti but they were united in offering tributes to him following his death in a car accident early Thursday.

Oct 25, 2012, 20:22 PM IST

Life and times of Jaspal Bhatti

The genial sardar who not just brought on a smile but also provoked introspection with his biting wit and humour is no more.

Oct 25, 2012, 16:33 PM IST

Jaspal Bhatti’s son, lead actress of ‘Power Cut’ critical but stable

Veteran actor-comedian Jaspal Bhatti passed away in a road mishap in the wee hours of Thursday.

Oct 25, 2012, 16:27 PM IST

Jaspal Bhatti passes away; condolences pour in on Twitter

News of Jaspal Bhatti’s death came as a jolt to millions, especially the entertainment industry, Thursday morning. The popular comedian met with a fatal road accident in the early hours of Thursday at around 3 am, when Bhatti’s car while he was on his way to Jalandhar from Bhatinda hit a roadside tree.

Oct 25, 2012, 12:49 PM IST