Israeli swimmers battle plastic bags to take open water record
Israeli swimmers battle plastic bags to take open water record

Six Israelis on Saturday claimed the world open water relay record after swimming 380 kilometres (236 miles) home from Cyprus in a challenge also meant to highlight ocean pollution.

India`s first jellyfish lake discovered

Marine biologists have discovered a jellyfish lake in Gujarat, probably the first such in India.

Millions of jellyfish-like creatures wash up on western US beaches

Millions of jellyfish-like creatures have washed up on beaches along the US West Coast over the past month, giving the shoreline a purple gleam and, at times, an unpleasant door, ocean experts said.

New micro-light `chopper` that hovers like `jellyfish moves in water`

Scientists in the US have claimed to have built the world`s first jellyfish aircraft.

Jellyfish to help improve bio-inspired robotic designs

Researchers have discovered a way in which jellyfish are able to move with the lowest cost of transport of any animal.

Jellyfish `blooms` may endanger fish stocks: UN

Surges in jellyfish populations due to overfishing may be one of the reasons behind the drop in fish stocks observed in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, according to a new UN report.

Future bio-inspired pacemaker may require no batteries to pump

A team led by researchers have turned a solid element—silicon—and muscle cells into a freely swimming “jellyfish.”

Doubts cast over increasing jellyfish pop claims

Global experts have now questioned claims that jellyfish are increasing worldwide.

Jellyfish can influence ocean temperatures

Small marine creatures like jellyfish can influence global climate. But how?

Jellyfish shut down Scottish N-reactors

A large influx of jellyfish from the North Sea have clogged filters in the water cooling system at the Torness nuclear power station.

Jellyfishes shut down Scottish N-reactors

Nuclear reactors at a plant in Scotland have been hit by a school of jellyfish, a media report said.

Jellyfish blooms endanger marine food chain

Global warming has long been blamed for the huge rise in the world`s jellyfish population.

Jellyfish swarm northward in warming world

A blood-orange blob the size of a small refrigerator emerged from the dark waters, its venomous tentacles trapped in a fishing net.