Israel extends military exemption for ultra-Orthodox Jews

The 2014 law was seen by many Israelis as amending the historic injustice of an exemption handed to the ultra- Orthodox in 1948, when Israel was created.

Israel court delays razing settler synagogue fearing reprisals

Israel's High Court on Wednesday said it agreed to briefly postpone demolition of a settler synagogue and seminary built on Palestinian land, after police requested a delay on security grounds.

Attacks on Israelis near Hebron after Palestinian killed

One Palestinian tried to stab Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint near Beit Einun village north of Hebron and was shot dead by troops.

American killed in Palestinian attack was peace activist

An American educator who marched for civil rights in the 1960s and advocated coexistence between Muslims and Jews when he moved to Israel has died after succumbing to wounds sustained in a Palestinian attack on a bus in Jerusalem two weeks ago.

Israel arrests more than 1,000 Palestinians this month

Those who were arrested were young men and women, the Ramallah-based aid group said.

Thousands of Israelis rally for peace talks with Palestinians

The demonstrators chanted "Jews and Arabs don't want to hate each other".

'Ex-Grand Mufti of Jerusalem asked Hitler to exterminate Jews'

 Amid ranging Israel-Palestine tensions, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has triggered a controversy by accusing the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem of giving Hitler the idea of exterminating Jews - a claim rejected by historians as "factually incorrect".

Islamic State militant group threatens Israel in new videos
Islamic State militant group threatens Israel in new videos

The dreaded Islamic State militant group has threatened Israel in a series of new videos, warning that while they are currently fighting wars in other parts of the world, their eyes are set on Jerusalem "which they will enter."

Israel-Palestinian violence flares after Jewish holy site fire-bombed, 4 dead
Israel-Palestinian violence flares after Jewish holy site fire-bombed, 4 dead

Stone-throwing protests erupted across the West Bank and Gaza and assailants firebombed a site revered by Jews as the tomb of biblical Joseph on a "day of rage" against Israel.

Israel allows unrestricted Eid prayers at Al-Aqsa mosque

Israel on Thursday took several steps, including barring all non-Muslims from entering the Al-Aqsa mosque, to allow unrestricted Eid prayers at the sensitive site, amid mounting international pressure on Premier Benjamin Netanyahu to ease the restrictions on Muslim worshippers.

US calls for restraint on all sides in Jerusalem violence

The U.S. State Department on Monday voiced concern about violence at the compound surrounding Jerusalem`s Al-Aqsa mosque, an area revered by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and by Jews as the Temple Mount.

Janmashtami a grand festival in Israeli town

Hundreds of devotees, mostly Jews, chanting "Hare Krishna, Hare Rama" descended here from across the country to celebrate Janmashtami, marking the birth of Lord Krishna.

Barack Obama offended by attacks on Jews who back Iran deal

US President Barack Obama said people who attack Jews who support the Iran nuclear deal are like African-Americans who differ with him on policy and then conclude he's "not black enough."

White supremacist aiming to kill Jews convicted in three Kansas murders

 A man who admitted in court to wanting to kill Jews was found guilty on Monday of murdering three people, including a teenage boy, outside two Jewish centres in Kansas last year.

Spanish public radio pulls programme on Jews and Satanism

Spain public radio RNE said Thursday it had removed an episode of a programme that linked Jews to Satanism from its website after receiving complaints from Jewish groups.

Israel threatens Syria with response after rocket fire

 The Israeli army warned the government in war-wracked Syria it will "suffer the consequences" after four rockets crashed Thursday into the north of the Jewish state and the occupied Golan.

Israel rabbis challenge Orthodox control over conversions

A group of Israeli rabbis has launched a movement of conversion courts challenging the ultra-Orthodox establishment`s monopoly on conversions to Judaism, organisers said Tuesday.

French court to rule on pork school dinners for Jews and Muslims

 A French court will rule this week on the decision by a right-wing mayor to ban non-pork meals in schools for Muslims and Jews, his lawyer said Tuesday. 

Jordan condemns arson killing of Palestinian child

 Jordan on Friday condemned as an "ugly crime" an arson attack by suspected Jewish settlers that killed a Palestinian toddler in the occupied West Bank and wounded four family members.

Settler arson attack `act of terrorism`: Israel minister

 Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said Friday that an arson attack by Jewish settlers that killed a Palestinian toddler in the West Bank was an "act of terrorism."