Stars pay tributes to late 'Dynasty' star Kate O'Mara on Twitter

Tributes have poured in on Twitter for 'Dynasty' star Kate O'Mara, who recently died at the age of 74 following a short illness.

Age-less` Joan Collins spills beauty secrets

Joan Collins has revealed her beauty secrets, asserting that she won`t be defined by her age ever.

Joan Collins says sex helps keep `love alive` between her and hubby

Joan Collins has revealed that sex is the biggest thing that has kept her marriage strong.

Kate Moss likes `naughty` company

Supermodel Kate Moss says her dream dinner party will feature "naughty" guests like actor Jack Nicholson, Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks and actress Joan Collins.

Joan Collins asks for `hangover cures` on Twitter

Joan Collins has posted a plea on her Twitter page, asking her followers for best hangover cures.

Rolling Stones wrecked British society, says Joan Collins

Joan Collins has hit out at the band Rolling Stones for wrecking British society.

Joan Collins hits out at `rude` Rolling Stones

Joan Collins has blamed `The Rolling Stones` for wrecking the British society.

Joan Collins says she snubbed cocaine from Hollywood stars

Joan Collins said she has never used drugs despite Hollywood stars handing them out at parties.

Joan Collins reveals secrets to look young

Joan Collins has credited wearing a big hat and putting lots of creams while sunbathing, for looking young even at the age of 79.

Stay slim with tequila and toothpaste, says Brit actress Joan Collins

British actress Joan Collins, in a series of tweets, has offered slimming tips, which range from the tongue-in-cheek to the absolutely bizarre.

Joan Collins fires angry tweet at Theresa May over Heathrow commotion

Joan Collins took to Twitter to vent out her anger after she was one of thousands of passengers held up in airport chaos on Tuesday.

Joan Collins thinks Duchess Catherine is ‘flawless’

Joan Collins thinks that the conduct of the duchess of Cambridge has been “flawless” since she married Prince William.

Joan Collins blames ego for many Hollywood splits

Joan Collins thinks “ego” is the reason behind unsuccessful relationships between young Hollywood stars.

Joan Collins is the svelte new face of Snickers

Hollywood legend Joan Collins, famous for maintaining a fabulous figure, is the new face for Snickers.

Joan Collins caught smuggling Valentino dresses

Joan Collins has revealed that she was in the midst of trouble after she violated the law by smuggling couture dresses into the US.

Joan Collins still has an active sex life at 78

Joan Collins, who is fifth time happily married at the age of 78, revealed that sex is a very important for her relationship.

Joan Collins reveals how 1st hubby Maxwell Reed raped her on 1st date!

Joan Collins has revealed in her book that her first husband Maxwell Reed raped her on their first meeting when she was just 18 years old.

Cannot afford Manhattan property: Joan Collins

Legendary actress Joan Collins has put her lavish New York apartment on sale because she no longer can afford to maintain it.

Collins` New York apartment for sale

Joan Collins has been forced to put her lavish New York apartment on sale because she can no longer afford to run four properties.

Joan Collins wants to launch own fashion line for older women

Veteran actress Joan Collins has revealed that she has ideas of launching her own fashion line that will cater mostly to older women.