A Common Minimum Programme (CMP) for India in the making?

As purists lament the ever falling public discourse level in the run up to the general elections, here comes the good news of emerging consensus across mainline political parties on curbing crime against women, reigning inflation, taming corruption and improving job climate for youth.

Workers flocking to Kerala in search of jobs

Kerala, which largely
depends on remittances of around two million Malayalis working
in the Gulf, has now become a thriving job market for workers
hailing from Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

Indian corporate hiring activity dipped 5% in July

Online hiring by Indian corporate companies dropped by 5 percent in July despite a six-month strong momentum in the overall job market, says a recent survey by recruitment services firm Monster India.

UP madrasas change syllabus to better job prospects

To improve the job prospects of madrasa students, the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madrasa Education has changed its syllabus and made English, Hindi, Urdu and computers compulsory.

Pune most promising for hiring prospects; Delhi disappoints

Most cities in the country have seen a considerable improvement in the hiring outlook, with Pune showing the highest rise for the January to March period in 2010, says a survey.

US employers worry on retaining top talent: Survey

As the economy is showing signs of recovery, majority of American companies are turning their focus to attract and retain top talent, says a latest survey.

Job mkt still grim; 27 people lose job per hour

Despite the US economy showing indications of recovery, the global job market remains gloomy, with companies laying off at least 27 employees every hour to cut costs.

Indians earn 20 times less than Western peers

Indians are paid nearly 20 times less than their counterparts in developed nations like US.

China warns of `grave` jobs situation

China on Tuesday warned of a "grave" situation in the jobs market with millions of graduates and migrant workers yet to find work as companies continue to struggle with the effects of the global slump.