Joe Manganiello inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger

`True Blood` star Joe Manganiello says he admires the way action star Arnold Schwarzenegger shaped his career in Hollywood.

Joe Manganiello working on `True Blood` spin-off

Actor Joe Manganiello has revealed that he has started writing a potential `True Blood` spin-off project. The 37-year-old `Magic Mike` actor said that he would like to reprise his role of werewolf Alcide Herveaux in the future, reportedly.

Joe Manganiello has a crush on Sofia Vergara

`True Blood` star Joe Manganiello has revealed he has a crush on Sofia Vergara, who he describes as gorgeous and feisty.

Sofia Vergara`s derriere attracts Manganiello

Actor-filmmaker Joe Manganiello is on the lookout for a suitable partner, and Sofia Vergara is one lady he finds to be "gorgeous and feisty".

Joe Manganiello named hottest bachelor

`True Blood` star Joe Manganiello has been named the hottest bachelor in a magazine poll.

Joe Manganiello opens up about sex scene in `True Blood`

Joe Manganiello has revealed that though there are a lot of sex scenes on his hit TV series ` True Blood,` they might not be quite as scandalous as viewers would like to think.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello voted TV`s sexiest man and woman

Coinciding with the announcement of Emmy awards, has handed out an equally honourable award –TV’s Sexiest Man and Woman.

Joe Manganiello denies dating Demi Moore

‘True Blood’ actor Joe Manganiello has dismissed reports that he is the new man in Demi Moore’s life, insisting that he only spent three minutes talking to her at a film premiere.