Solomon Islander who helped save JFK dies at 93

A Solomon Islander who helped save John F. Kennedy when a Japanese destroyer sank the future US president`s patrol boat during World War II has died aged 93, his family said Monday.

Jacqueline Kennedy letters reveal her private side

Letters written by Jacqueline Kennedy to an Irish priest have revealed new
details about her closely guarded private thoughts. The letters are set to be auctioned next month and could fetch up to 1.6 million USD.

Elder President Bush honored with Kennedy award

Ex-President George H W Bush has been honored with a Kennedy "courage" award for agreeing during his presidential term to raise taxes to confront a spiraling budget deficit.

Obama marks 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act

Barack Obama, America`s first black president, declared that he had "lived out the promise" envisioned by Lyndon B. Johnson, the president who championed the push for greater racial equality with sweeping civil rights legislation a half century ago.

Snow shuts down Washington

The American capital was Monday shut down again as yet another winter storm pounded the region. The weatherman forecast rain, ice and 8-12 inches of snow.

Welfare of human beings should be topmost: Prez to students

President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said the welfare of human beings should be topmost in the minds of youngsters when they go out into the world to join work.

US remembers Kennedy 50 years after assassination

Five decades after it served as the backdrop for a nation`s grief and disbelief, Dallas` Dealey Plaza took center stage once again as Americans commemorated the 50th anniversary of President John F Kennedy`s assassination.

US to mark 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy assassination

The United States will on Friday mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy, a dark turning point in the nation`s history and a day many still remember vividly.

Obama to pay tribute to John F Kennedy legacy

President Barack Obama is honoring slain president John F Kennedy`s legacy two days before the nation pauses to remember the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

Caroline Kennedy meets Japan emperor in ceremonial pomp

Caroline Kennedy met Japan`s Emperor Akihito Tuesday in a ceremonial formality as thousands of well-wishers lined the streets of Tokyo to catch a glimpse of the incoming US ambassador.

Obama to honour visit Kennedy grave site

US President Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton will visit the grave site of John F Kennedy next week, to mark the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

Nurse claims JFK was shot with different `mystery` bullet after assassination

A nurse, who tried to help resuscitate John F Kennedy`s after he was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, has claimed that the President was also shot with another different `mystery` bullet.

Death mystery fuels JFK movie, book industry

The enduring mystery surrounding John F Kennedy`s assassination has drawn generations of writers, commentators and filmmakers, though some have been more successful than others.

Oswald wedding ring among JFK items up for auction

Oswald left the wedding ring at home before leaving that November day in 1963.

Kennedy cousin Skakel wins new trial in 1975 death

Skakel`s current attorney, Hubert Santos, said he expects to file a motion for bail today. If a judge approves it, Skakel could then post bond and be released from prison.

Robert Kennedy stole JFK`s brain after assassination: Book

The brain of assassinated American President John F Kennedy that went missing after his autopsy may have been stolen from the US national archives by his brother Robert Kennedy, a new book has claimed.

Caroline Kennedy confirmed as Japan ambassador

The US Senate has approved Caroline Kennedy, the sole surviving child of slain president John F Kennedy and an early supporter of President Barack Obama, to be ambassador to Japan.

Why Jackie Onassis `was fine with John F Kennedy`s infidelity`

A presidential historian has alleged that Jackie Onassis` acceptance of her husband and former President of US John F Kennedy `s infidelity could be rooted in her relationship with her own father, whom she trusted very much.

`US Secret Service mistakenly killed John F Kennedy`

A retired Australian investigator has said he believes a US secret service officer fired one of the bullets that killed former US President John F Kennedy.

Berlin marks 50 years of Kennedy`s famous speech

Berlin celebrated the 50th anniversary of President John F Kennedy`s famed "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech a pledge of support to the divided city on the Cold War`s front line that still resonates in a much-changed world.