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Paul McCartney relives The Beatles` days

Singer Paul McCartney recently organised a band to perform at a surprise 54th birthday party for wife Nancy Shevell in Tokyo.

Thankful for Paul McCartney`s comments: Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono says she`s thankful Paul McCartney appears to have gotten over his grudge against her.

John Lennon`s LA `treehouse` up for grabs

John Lennon`s "treehouse" in LA is reportedly on sale for 999,000 dollars.

Fame changes a person: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney believes fame forces you to change.

Julian Lennon spent 10 years working on album

The Beatles` legend John Lennon`s son Julian worked on his latest album for ten years to ensure that it is flawless.

Paul McCartney`s wife helped him survive depression

Beatles legend Paul McCartney has revealed it was because of his ex-wife Linda that he was able to survive a nervous breakdown in 1969.

Yoko Ono opens up about John Lennon`s infidelity

John Lennon`s former wife Yoko Ono has revealed that the reason behind the couple`s split in 1970s was because of the former Beatles ` one night fling with another woman.

John Lennon`s Nehru jacket sold for 7000 pounds

John Lennon`s teal blue Nehru jacket has fetched 7,000 pounds at an auction here.

Scientists to clone John Lennon using tooth DNA?

Cloning a Beatle! Scientists are trying to extract DNA of John Lennon from his tooth in an attempt to clone one of the rock music`s greatest stars.

Rare John Lennon jacket up for auction

A jacket worn by The Beatles star John Lennon is set to go under the hammer in England later this month.

John Lennon`s first car fetches 360k pounds at auction

John Lennon`s first motor car, a blue Ferrari, has been sold out for 360,000 pounds at an auction.

John Lennon hoped to beat Paul McCartney with `Imagine`?

Late singer-songwriter John Lennon was reportedly obsessed with composing a song better than his former bandmate Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday”. He hoped his song “Imagine” would turn out to be as good as the latter`s 1965 hit number.

John Lennon`s first car, home go on sale for 14 million pounds

The first car and house bought by Beatles legend John Lennon are up for sale for a combined price of 14 million pounds.

I like to think the Beatles would have reunited, says Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr has confessed that he thinks `Beatles` could have had a reunion if his ` Rolling Stone `s band mates, John Lennon and George Harrison, had been alive today.

I feel that I am starting a new life, a second life, says Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono - wife of former Beatle John Lennon - has said that she feels that she is starting a new life at 80.

John Lennon`s guitar sells for $408,000

A custom-made guitar played by John Lennon and George Harrison has sold for $408,000 at an auction.

Beatles guitar fetches $US400K at auction

A guitar, once played by John Lennon and George Harrison of `The Beatles,` was sold at 408,000 dollars, at an auction in New York.

John Lennon was planning to return to UK before being killed

John Lennon`s childhood pal Joe Flannery has revealed that the late singer was looking forward to returning to Britain before he was murdered in December 1980.

God`s wrath killed John Lennon, says Brazilian pastor

Brazilian evangelical pastor Marco Feliciano has claimed that John Lennon died because he offended God by suggesting that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ.

Marilyn Monroe`s suicidal letter, John Lennon`s angry message up for auction

Marilyn Monroe`s suicidal letter to mentor Lee Strasberg, Dwight D. Eisenhower`s heartfelt missives to his wife during World War II and John Lennon`s angry message for Paul McCartney are among hundreds of historical documents being offered in an online auction.