John Malkovich joins Mark Wahlberg's 'Deepwater Horizon'

Actor John Malkovich has joined the cast of "Deepwater Horizon".

Paul McCartney resumes his `Out there` tour

Singer Paul McCartney, 72, is back on the road after being hospitalised in May with a viral infection.

John Malkovich: Paid by classmates to do homework

Actor John Malkovich used to charge his classmates for doing their homework.

Paul McCartney perfect for `RED 3`: Bruce Willis

Actor Bruce Willis feels 71-year-old Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney would fit in with the "RED" cast for a future instalment.

`Red` stars return for sequel

Bruce Willis from `Red`, is all set to return in action for a sequel- `Red 2 `.

Helen Mirren set Willis, Malkovich’s pulses racing

Actress Dame Helen Mirren still has what it takes to set men’s pulses racing, and this time her sexy action scenes in ‘RED’ have affected even her co-stars, actors Bruce Willis and John Malkovich.