When Taylor Swift decided to be single
When Taylor Swift decided to be single

Singer Taylor Swift says she simply woke up one day and decided she wanted to be single.

Taylor Swift gets realistic, happy being single
Taylor Swift gets realistic, happy being single

Singer Taylor Swift, who used to believe in romance, says she has become “more realistic”.

Is Jennifer Lawrence cheating on Chris Martin with John Mayer?
Is Jennifer Lawrence cheating on Chris Martin with John Mayer?

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly went on a dinner date with John Mayer recently, despite her rumoured involvement with Chris Martin.

What does Katy Perry want in her man?
What does Katy Perry want in her man?

Pop star Katy Perry now knows what qualities she seeks in her ideal man. She wants someone who is sensitive and enjoys music.

Dating famous men easier for Katy Perry

Katy Perry may find fame "disgusting", but admits it`s easier to date famous men because they understand her life and schedule.

Katy Perry launches own record label

Katy Perry has launched her own record label, it has been revealed.

Katy Perry spills the beans on John Mayer split

Katy Perry has opened up about her split from John Mayer and said that there is no bad blood between them but there will be inspired songs.

Katy Perry says she would never have `one night stand`

Katy Perry is "not super strict", or has rules when it comes to sex, but the beauty admits she would never go for one night stands.

John Mayer hopes ex-girlfriends` songs about him become hits

Singer John Mayer has revealed that he has no problem with his ex-girlfriends writing songs about him. The 36-year-old singer said he actually hoped those songs would become chart-toppers, reportedly.

Katy Perry controls anxiety with medicines

Singer Katy Perry says she consumes Beta blockers - a drug that treats migraine, high blood pressure and anxiety - every time before going on stage to perform.

John Mayer pays tribute to South Korea ferry accident victims

Musician John Mayer paid tribute to the victims of recent ferry accident during his concert in South Korea.

Katy Perry wants to have baby?

After splitting from John Mayer, pop star Katy Perry is reportedly telling friends that she wants to have a child.

Katy Perry trash talks about ex-beau John Mayer

Katy Perry has reportedly been criticising former boyfriend and musician John Mayer for his over-the-top metrosexuality.

Katy Perry should date Robert Pattinson: Friends

Katy Perry and actor Robert Pattinson`s friends want them to date each other.

Katy Perry ignores John Mayer

Singer Katy Perry is reportedly ignoring musician former boyfriend John Mayer’s text messages and phone calls.

Katy Perry undergoing hypnotherapy to get over John Mayer

Pop star Katy Perry is reportedly having hypnotherapy to get over former boyfriend John Mayer.

John Mayer sues watch broker over fake Rolex watches

Singer John Mayer is suing a watch broker for USD 700,000 for allegedly getting sold Rolex watches containing fake parts.

Katy Perry is extremely driven: John Mayer

John Mayer has spoken out about ex-girlfriend Katy Perry saying that she is serious about doing great work

John Mayer hits club after split from Katy Perry

John Mayer, who has reportedly split from Katy Perry, has hit the clubs to overcome the break-up.

Katy Perry says Russell Brand wanted kids ` to control her`

Katy Perry has revealed that her former husband Russell Brand wanted to have kids so that he could control her.