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Catalans hold mass rally for independence from Spain

Catalan separatists hold a mass rally Friday for independence that will kick off campaigning for a regional election billed as a de facto referendum on breaking away from Spain.

Spanish public radio pulls programme on Jews and Satanism

Spain public radio RNE said Thursday it had removed an episode of a programme that linked Jews to Satanism from its website after receiving complaints from Jewish groups.

Spain foreign minister sees `real risk` of Greek euro exit

Greece runs a "real risk" of crashing out of the eurozone after crucial debt talks with its creditors broke down, Spain`s foreign minister warned Monday, according to a spokesman.

Libya, neighbour nations snub military intervention

Libya's struggling elected government and representatives of 15 neighbouring nations today unanimously rejected the idea of military intervention as a way to restore stability in the oil-rich nation, which some say is on the brink of civil war.

Spain confirms ban on police gear to Venezuela

Spain`s Foreign Minister confirmed Saturday that Madrid has suspended exports of anti-riot and police gear to Venezuela where tensions are high after two months of anti-government demonstrations.

Britain`s Gibraltar stance violates UN resolutions: Spain

British Prime Minister David Cameron`s persistent refusal to hold direct talks with Spain on the question of sovereignty over Gibraltar "clearly contravenes" the relevant UN resolutions, Spain`s Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo has said.

Spain, US call for strong European Union

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo called for a strong EU that stops the "drift" toward intergovernmental accords.