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Georgia to reinstate Stalin monument

A dismantled monument to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin will be reassembled and put back in place in his hometown of Gori in Georgia.

Yugoslav dictator Tito `may have poisoned Stalin`

When Josef Stalin died on March 5 in 1953, a letter was found in his office that had been written by Tito.

Was Lenin poisoned to death by Stalin?

Popular theory maintains that Vladmir Lenin died from the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis.

Bronze death mask of Stalin sold in Britain

A bronze cast from Joseph Stalin`s
death mask, one of only 12 made after the Soviet dictator`s death in 1953, was sold in Britain Wednesday for GBP 4,400 (USD 6,860), the auction house said.

Stalin gagged Tagore`s criticism of Communism

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin,
who had allowed legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore to visit
Moscow in 1930.

Stalin’s grandson sues Moscow radio station

The radio station allegedly said Joseph Stalin "strangled small children".

Russian secret service shows off Stalin`s house

Contrary to myths, no tunnel was found between Stalin`s house and Kremlin.

Georgia removes another Stalin statue: Reports

Joseph Stalin is a deeply controversial figure in the former Soviet Union.

Moscow drops controversial Stalin poster plan

The Moscow city government has backed off a controversial plan to place posters of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin on the streets for an upcoming World War II anniversary, reports said on Thursday.

Stalin’s statue to be installed in Russia

A bust-size statue of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin will be erected in the Russian city of Tambov ahead of the World War II Victory Day celebrations.

Grandson defends Stalin in Ukrainian famine case

Joseph Stalin`s grandson has asked Ukraine to investigate the officials behind a court case in which the Soviet dictator was found guilty for the famine in 1930s, according to reports.

Diaries of reporter who exposed Stalin `to go on display`

The chilling private diaries of a British reporter, who was murdered for exposing wartime Soviet leader Joseph Stalin`s atrocities, are to go on public display for the first time.

Stalin-era killings `unjustifiable`: Medvedev

The killing of millions during Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin`s rule cannot be justified, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on his blogsite early Friday, warning against any attempt at revisionism.