Government, rebels to discuss final ceasefire: Colombian president

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said that a committee of military officers and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) members will discuss a final ceasefire agreement.

Colombia`s Santos says FARC attacks could end peace process

Colombia`s President Juan Manuel Santos said continuing attacks perpetrated by leftist FARC guerrillas, many of which target infrastructure, could bring an end to peace negotiations with the government.

Colombians re-elect Juan Manuel Santos in boost for FARC talks

Colombians re-elected President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday in a cliffhanger poll seen as a referendum on peace talks with FARC guerrillas, election authorities said.

Colombia presidential run-off a referendum on peace talks

Colombia on Sunday will hold a presidential run-off that has become a referendum on peace talks under way with Latin America`s oldest insurgency.

Candidates in Colombia`s presidential election

President Juan Manuel Santos and opposition challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga are in a tight race ahead of a second-round vote on June 15 for Colombia`s top job, in an election campaign being held against a backdrop of peace talks with Marxist rebels.

Colombia presidential candidate drops threat to end FARC talks

Colombian presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who faces incumbent Juan Manuel Santos in a run-off vote, on Thursday dropped his threat to end peace talks with Marxist rebels if elected, softening his stance on the election`s most pivotal issue.

Colombian presidential candidates face run-off

Colombia`s President Juan Manuel Santos and opposition candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga will face each other in run-off to be held June 15, Xinhua reported Monday.

Colombia hails `important step` in FARC peace process

Colombia and leftist FARC guerrillas concluded a key stage in talks on Friday aimed at ending five decades of war, as the rebels announced a truce for the upcoming presidential election.

Colombian President falls off bike

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos fell off a bicycle presented to him by victims of country`s internal armed conflict at a ceremony in Apartado city. But he was not hurt.

Colombia military chief fired in scandal

Colombia`s president has fired his armed forces chief for verbally maligning prosecutors involved in investigations of officers accused of ordering extrajudicial executions.

Alleged army cyberspying on Colombia negotiators

Juan Manuel Santos denied that his administration was in any way involved in the reported spying by members of an elite army cyber-unit on digital communications of govt peace negotiators.

Colombian rebels say Santos govt escalates war

FARC guerrillas Thursday accused President Juan Manuel Santos of escalating the war in Colombia even as his government engages in peace talks here.

Colombia president yields to court in mayor`s ouster

Colombia`s President Juan Manuel Santos said on Wednesday he would abide by a court order temporarily suspending the controversial ouster of the mayor of Bogota.

Colombia`s Santos proposes fresh start for restive region

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos proposed Monday making a fresh start in the northeastern region of Catatumbo, where farm workers have just ended a nearly two-month-long general strike protesting governmental neglect.

Colombian Prez vows firm retaliation after FARC kills 19

President Juan Manuel Santos has promised decisive retaliation after Colombia`s main rebel band killed 19 soldiers in a single day.

If no progress with FARC, then peace talks over: Colombian President

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said that if peace talks with the FARC make no progress, we`re getting up from the negotiating table.

Colombia Prez stops speech for phone call from Obama

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos interrupted a public event in Bogota to take a telephone call from just re-elected US counterpart Barack Obama.

`No ceasefire during talks with FARC`

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has rejected calls by the FARC guerrilla group for an immediate truce once peace talks begin next month.

Colombian rebels propose truce for peace talks

Colombia`s main leftist rebel group named three negotiators, including a high-ranking guerrilla now imprisoned in the United States.

No grudges at talks with Colombian govt: FARC

The FARC, will enter into peace talks with President Juan Manuel Santos`s administration in Havana "without grudges or arrogance".