Why June 30 will be a bit longer

Strictly speaking, a day lasts 86,400 seconds. On June 30, the day will officially be a bit longer than usual because an extra second or "leap" second will be added and NASA has an explanation for this.

40th anniversary of imposition of Emergency on June 25

Thursday will mark the 40th anniversary of the imposition of Emergency in the country, a period which various scholars have variously referred to as 'dark days in Indian democracy' and 'dictatorship'.

June will last one second longer

 People born on June 30 will be able to celebrate their birthday for one second longer this time. Due to the Earth’s rotation, the month will last one second more than a normal day.

'Baahubali' trailer to be out on June 1
'Baahubali' trailer to be out on June 1

 The trailer of the Indian epic film "Baahubali" is scheduled to be launched on June 1.

'Entourage' soundtrack out in June
'Entourage' soundtrack out in June

 The soundtrack of “Entourage", the much anticipated big screen version of the award winning hit HBO series of the same name, will release in June. It also has a track by Grammy winner Pharrell Williams.

Higher service tax rate of 14% to come into effect from June 1

The new service tax rate of 14 percent will come into effect from June 1, government said Tuesday, in a move that will make eating out in restaurants, insurance and phone bills expensive, among many other things.

Nathu La route to Kailash Mansarovar to be operational from June: Modi

The Nathu La route for Indian pilgrims to visit Kailash Mansarovar will become operational in June. I want to thank China for that," Prime Minister Modi said, while making a statement to the press after India and China signed a record 24 bilateral agreements in Beijing.

Kerala international documentary film festival in June
Kerala international documentary film festival in June

 The eighth edition of International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (IDSFFK) will begin here on June 26.

'Excited' Kanye West set to headline Glastonbury in June
'Excited' Kanye West set to headline Glastonbury in June

  Kanye West is set to headline this year's Glastonbury in June, and is very excited to do so.

Kerry to testify in June before US House panel on Benghazi

Secretary of State John Kerry has agreed to testify on June 12 before a House committee investigating the 2012 attack on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, resolving a contentious dispute with Republicans in Congress.

Pre-monsoon showers in UP by mid-June

The heat wave in Uttar Pradesh is likely to subside within a fortnight and the pre-monsoon showers may arrive on June 18, the Met Office said.

Ukraine must pay $1.6 bn for June gas: Gazprom

Russian gas giant Gazprom said on Tuesday that Ukraine had until June 2 to pay $1.6 billion (1.2 billion euros) for natural gas or Moscow will turn off its energy supplies.

June rainfall in HP hits 10-yr high

Himachal Pradesh has this monsoon received the highest rainfall in the month of June for the last 10 years, the MeT office said on Tuesday.

World experiences fourth warmest June on record

Average global temperatures this June were the fourth warmest since record keeping began in 1880, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has said.

US mystery space plane to land on earth after 1 year in orbit

The US Air Force`s highly secret unmanned space plane is set to land in June, after circling the Earth for a year at 17,000 miles per hour.

June industrial output at 8.8% against 5.6% in May

Industrial growth in the country revived moderately to 8.8 percent in June this year on the back of a smart recovery in the manufacturing sector and better offtake of capital goods.

Railways to treat women aged 58 as senior citizens from June

Women aged 58 years will be
eligible to avail 50 per cent concession as senior citizens
while men in the category will get a 40 per cent cut in their
train fares from June one.

Puerto Rican band to kick off European tour in June

The Puerto Rican band Calle 13 will kick off a European tour June 15, group co-leader Eduardo Cabra said in Havana.

Sri Lanka opts for local elections in June

The last phase of local council
elections would be held in June and not before end of May, a senior minister said here Monday.

North Korea to run out of food in June: Aid group

US, S Korea have been cautious over reports of dire food shortages in North.