NASA's Juno spacecraft prepares for rendezvous with Jupiter

NASA's Juno spacecraft prepares for rendezvous with Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft`s thrusters consumed about 0.6 kg of fuel during the burn and changed the spacecraft`s speed by 0.31 metres per second.

I was so nervous: Ellen Page on her coming out speech

`Juno` star Ellen Page says she became very nervous while making her coming out speech.

Oh baby! Scientists find protein that lets egg and sperm hook up

Fertilization takes place when an egg cell and a sperm cell recognize one another and fuse to form an embryo. But how they recognize each other in order to hook up had remained a mystery.

Ellen Page to play John Belushi`s wife in biopic

`Juno` star Ellen Page is in talks to join an untitled biopic of actor-comedian, John Belushi.

Ellen Page comes out as gay

`Juno` star Juno` star Ellen Page has come out as a gay woman..

Watch video: NASA`s Juno captures cosmic waltz of Earth and Moon

NASA’s spacecraft Juno captured the celestial dance of Earth and Moon during its flyby of our planet on October 9, 2013.

NASA going green with solar-powered Jupiter probe

A solar-powered, windmill-shaped spacecraft named Juno is set to become the most distant probe ever powered by the sun.

Juno to circle Jupiter for `planetary recipe`

Solar-powered spacecraft Juno will journey to the gassy planet of Jupiter in search of how the huge, stormy giant was formed.

NASA probe poised for launch to Jupiter

The robotic probe called Juno is scheduled to spend 1 yr cycling inside Jupiter`s deadly radiation belts.