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Justin Bieber compares himself to Princess Diana

Justin Bieber compares himself to Princess Diana

Troubled singer Justin Bieber has compared himself to the late Princess Diana after he reportedly experienced a minor car collision when he was infuriated about being pursued by a photographer.

Justin Bieber tweets pic of bra thrown at him at recent concert

Justin Bieber tweeted an image of a bra, which was thrown on the stage at a recent concert by one of his fans.

Justin Bieber hits record 40mln Twitter followers and unveils new song

Justin Bieber became the first person to hit the 40 million followers landmark on Twitter as he unveiled his new single ` Heartbreaker`.

50 pc of Justin Bieber`s Twitter followers `fake`

Justin Bieber`s title as ‘King of Twitter’ has been brought into question after it was revealed that almost half of his followers on the micro blogging site could be fake.

Justin Bieber scores 6 million Twitter followers in 4 months

Justin Bieber, who had 18 million followers on twitter in March, has climbed to 24.3 million merely four months and a bestselling album later.