Justin Bieber to headline a music festival in Britain
Justin Bieber to headline a music festival in Britain

Singer Justin Bieber has confirmed that he will be headlining a festival in Birmingham this August. This will be his first appearance on the British stage since his 2013 tour which suffered with a lot of difficulties.

Justin Bieber keen to act
Justin Bieber keen to act

Singer Justin Bieber says he wants to “make strides” into films and fashion.

Justin Bieber`s music banned from Canadian radio

Justin Bieber`s antics have prompted a radio station in his home country of Canada to ban his music.

Justin Bieber overwhelmed by music career

Justin Bieber says when the music industry is too much for him to handle, he turns to his mother Pattie for advice.

If I hadn’t found music my life would have been bad, says Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, who has amassed a fortune of 70 million pounds and is not even 18 yet, has revealed that his life would have been bad had he not found music.

Michael Jackson inspires Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber says that he only looks up to late pop legend Michael Jackson for career guidance.