Kamakhya Temple's fortnight-long Durga Puja

The famed Kamakhya Temple, a major seat of Shakti worship, observes the annual Durga Puja rituals for a fortnight unlike the rest of the country where it is celebrated for nine days and much of the rituals are held behind closed doors.

Kamakhya Temple closes for Ambubasi Mela till June 25

The doors of Kamakhya temple, atop the Nilachal Hill in Guwahati, will remain closed till June 25 due to the 16th century Tantric fertility festival Ambubasi Mela or Amoti as known locally.

Rahul Gandhi visits Kamakhya temple

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today offered prayers at Shakti Peeth Kamakhya Temple on the Nilachal Hill here.

Close shave for Pune pilgrims in Kamakhya

A group of pilgrims from Pune to Kamakhya temple escaped when their bus collided with a SUV vehicle on the road of Nilachal hill atop where the temple is situated, the police said.

Kamakhya Temple closes for four days for Ambubachi

The doors of the famed Shakti Kamakhya temple were closed for four days on Saturday on the occasion of the annual `Ambubachi` festival.

Top Assam cop`s spouse found dead near Guwahati shrine

Guwahati police recovered the bullet-ridden body of the spouse of a top Assam police official from a vehicle near the Kamakhya temple.

Kamakhya Temple closed for 3 days for Ambubachi Mela

Activities inside the temple buildings, however, would be conducted by the temple priests though security personnel would man the temple doors, Agnihotri said.

Severed head of man found near Kamakhya temple

A severed head of man was found in a polythene bag with a letter beside it near Kamakhya temple atop the Nilachal Hills here on Friday, police said.

Kamakhya Temple closes for Ambubachi Mela

The door of the Kamakhya
Temple, seat of the Shakti cult, was closed from today for
three days on the occasion of the famed annual Ambubachi Mela,
for which elaborate security arrangement was made.

Yuvraj, Sreesanth, Raina visit Kamakhya temple

Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Sreesanth visited the famous Kamakhya temple.

Kamakhya temple to remain closed during solar eclipse

The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati
would remain closed to devotees for nearly seven hours during
the solar eclipse on Friday.