Smartphone break can make you happy, productive

Want to be more productive and happier during the workday? Try taking a short break to text a friend, play "Angry Birds" or check Facebook on your smartphone, according to a new research.

Soon, biomedical sensors to keep astronauts fit in space

In an attempt to keep astronauts healthy in space, engineers from the Kansas State University are designing new tools and biomedical sensors for spacesuits.

Working 50 hrs a week can put your health at risk

People who spend too much time working on their desks are putting their physical and mental health at risk, a research suggests.

Potential treatment for deafness and loss of balance found

Kansas State University researchers have experimented with a groundbreaking project that has potential to treat human deafness and loss of balance.

Sitting time influences risk of chronic diseases

Sitting for long periods can raise your risk of chronic diseases, a new study has warned.

Now, a simple blood test to detect lung and breast cancer

Scientists claimed to have developed a simple blood test that can accurately detect the beginning stages of breast and lung cancer in just an hour.

Cattle vaccine can halve E. coli levels

A vaccine for cattle can slash E. coli levels by more than 50 percent, which is also effective with two doses instead of the recommended three.