17 US states sue to block Obama's order on immigration

A coalition of 17 US states led by Texas have filed a federal lawsuit aiming to block implementation of President Barack Obama`s executive order shielding some five million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

US high court gives green light to same-sex marriage in Kansas

The US Supreme Court on Wednesday authorized same-sex marriages to be held in Kansas, the 33rd state of 50 where it is legal, in addition to the federal capital Washington.

Obama dines in Kansas with those who wrote to him

Four Kansas residents who wrote letters to Barack Obama about their struggle and success in US`s heartland were in for a surprise when they were taken out for a dinner by the President.

Woman charged with arson for setting fire to kill spider in US

A woman who tried to kill a spider by setting some towels on fire in her apartment has been arrested in the US state of Kansas on a charge of aggravated arson.

Mahatma Gandhi`s great-grandson not seeking re-election in Kansas

Shanti Gandhi, a great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, will not seek re-election to the House of Representatives in the US state of Kansas, citing personal frustration with the legislative process.

Mahatma Gandhi`s great-grandson not seeking re-election to Kansas house

Shanti Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, isn`t going to seek a second term for a Kansas House seat he won in 2012 and instead plans to endorse his Republican primary rival Dick Jones.

Gunman opens fire at Jewish centres in US, 3 killed

Three people were killed on Sunday when a gunman opened fire outside Jewish community centres in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park.

Tornadoes slam central US; 2 dead in Oklahoma

Several tornadoes ravaged parts of the American heartland, reducing portions of a mobile home park to rubble and killing two elderly men.

Three found shot dead inside Kansas home: Police

Police say three people have been found shot to death inside a home in Topeka, Kansas.

US: Kansas adopts measure blocking Islamic law

The new law, taking effect July 01, doesn`t specifically mention Shariah law, which broadly refers to codes within the Islamic legal system.

Bill banning Muslim laws from Kansas courts okayed

The bill is to prevent Kansas courts or government agencies from making decisions based on Islamic or other foreign legal codes.

Santorum wins Kansas Republican caucuses

Rick Santorum, the Republican
presidential, has won the Kansas caucuses, while the front runner Mitt Romney was declared winner in Wyoming.

Violent thunderstorms kill 7 in Oklahoma, Kansas

Two days back, a massive tornado tore through the southwest Missouri town of Joplin.

Google chooses Kansas City for experimental high-speed lines

Google has chosen Kansas as the location for its experimental citywide high-speed internet project.