Beckinsale, Patton to announce Golden Globe nominations
Beckinsale, Patton to announce Golden Globe nominations

Actresses Kate Beckinsale and Paula Patton will announce the Golden Globe nominations on the "Today" show Thursday morning.

Kate Beckinsale to star in new 'Underworld' film
Kate Beckinsale to star in new 'Underworld' film

Actress Kate Beckinsale is reportedly set to reprise her role as Death Dealer Selene in an upcoming instalment of the ‘Underworld’.

'Stonehearst Asylum' trailer unveiled
'Stonehearst Asylum' trailer unveiled


Los Angeles: The first trailer for Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley starrer 'Stonehearst Asylum' has been released.

'Stonehearst Asylum' trailer unveiled

 The first trailer for Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley starrer 'Stonehearst Asylum' has been released.

Beckinsale bags `Absolutely Anything`

Kate Beckinsale has joined the cast of comedy movie "Absolutely Anything".

Colin Farrell loves filming intimate scenes

Colin Farrell loves working in Hollywood because it enables him to get up close and personal with stunning actresses on set.

Michael Sheen dating Sarah Silverman?

Michael Sheen and comedian Sarah Silverman have sparked dating rumors after they were seen arriving and leaving together from his 45th birthday party.

Gwen Stefani has star-studded baby shower

Singer Gwen Stefani celebrated her baby shower with a celeb-filled bash.

Kate Beckinsale suffers wardrobe mishap

Kate Beckinsale suffered a last-minute wardrobe malfunction on her way to the Golden Globe Awards when the zipper on her dress snapped.

Kate Beckinsale in talks for `Eliza Graves`

Kate Beckinsale is in negotiations to star in `Eliza Graves`, a psychological thriller.

Rachel McAdams gets along with boyfriend`s ex

Rachel McAdams has a positive relationship with boyfriend Michael Sheen`s ex-girlfriend Kate Beckinsale.

Jessica Biel: I`ve always been a tomboy

Actress Jessica Biel had no hassles about shooting the fight sequences in ‘Total Recall` remake as she believes she has never been too girly.

Kate Beckinsale bans daughter from Facebook

Kate Beckinsale has revealed that she has forbidden her daughter from joining Facebook.

Colin Farrell squirmed during our sex scenes, says Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has revealed that Colin Farrell was squirming in embarrassment when they filmed sex scenes for the new `Total Recall` movie.

Acting is exhausting: Kate Beckinsale

Actress Kate Beckinsale considers going to rehab after making a movie because it is so tiring.

Kate Beckinsale is the boss at home!

Kate Beckinsale says while her husband Len Wiseman is the director on film sets, she is the boss at home.

Kate Beckinsale dislikes portraying weak women

Kate Beckinsale prefers strong roles and that is why she loves being part of action films.

Hollywood beauty Kate Beckinsale refuses to go nude

Actress Kate Beckinsale is not comfortable baring all for a movie because she doesn`t want to embarrass her teenage daughter.

Kate Beckinsale, a careful mother

Actress Kate Beckinsale says she is careful about the roles she chooses because she has a teenager daughter.

Kate Beckinsale worried about daughter`s future boyfriends

Kate Beckinsale, mother to teenage daughter Lily Mo Sheen, approached action star Bruce Willis, a father to four girls, for advice about keeping her daughter`s boyfriends at bay.