Motherhood is a tough, tough job: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is the mother of three children, and the Oscar-winning actress has revealed that parenting is a tough job.

James Cameron sued over `Titanic 3D`

A woman, who claims that director James Cameron and studio executives at 20th Century Fox/Paramount Pictures hijacked her idea to make the April 2012 release ‘Titanic 3D’, has reportedly sued them for $1 billion.

Kate Winslet still refuses to autograph her nude `Titanic` pic

Kate Winslet has revealed that her nude ` Titanic` portrait where she draped herself naked over a sofa still haunts her and that she always declines to autograph a copy of it.

Shailene reminds me a lot of myself:Kate Winslet

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet, who will be seen sharing screen with actress Shailene Woodley in the upcoming movie "Divergent", says that her co-star reminds her of her younger days.

I wish I`d had help dealing with fame: Kate Winslet

`Titanic` star Kate Winslet wishes she had been given more support to help her cope with the pressures of early fame.

Pregnancy caused memory lapses: Kate Winslet

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet suffered memory lapses during her recent pregnancy but she is regaining it.

Kate Winslet wishes she had more help to cope with fame

Kate Winslet has admitted that she wished she had more support to deal with the pressure of early fame that turned her simple life upside down overnight.

I don`t autograph `Titanic`s` nude drawing: Kate Winslet

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has revealed that she does not sign drawings or photographs of her nude scene in `Titanic`.

Shailene Woodley wants people to learn lesson from `Divergent`

Shailene Woodley has revealed that she wants people to learn a lesson from her upcoming film ` Divergent`.

Kate Winslet finds Shailene Woodley `gorgeous`

Actress Kate Winslet has showered praise on her “Divergent” co-star Shailene Woodley, saying she is "gorgeous".

My love for acting is increasing with age: Kate Winslet

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet feels that her love for acting is increasing with age as it still thrills her to be in front of the camera.

Kate Winslet shares weight loss secret post son Bear`s birth

Kate Winslet has revealed how she lost weight and resumed her shoot for `Divergent` within weeks after having her baby boy.

Kate Winslet happy to have named son Bear Blaze

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet says she named her new born son Bear Blaze after giving it a lot of thought as it denotes special memories from her life.

Kate Winslet to be honoured with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet is all set to be honoured with a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Shailene Woodley took Jennifer Lawrence`s advice to sign up for `Divergent`

Shailene Woodley has revealed that the she took Jennifer Lawrence`s advice before she signed up for `Divergent`

People are nicer to me now, says Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has confessed that she feels that people are nice to her now, as the media hype about her relationship with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio has lessened.

Shailene Woody to star in `Divergent`

Shailene Woodley, who stars with Kate Winslet in `Divergent`, says the Oscar-winning actress told her not to be too hard on herself

Kate Winslet to feature in `Triple Nine`

Actress Kate Winslet is in talks to take on the lead role in crime thriller `Triple Nine`.

Kate Winslet to star in `Triple Nine`

`Titanic` star Kate Winslet has entered talks to star in Jon Hillcoat`s crime thriller `Triple Nine`.

`Divergent` to release in India April 11

"Divergent", a big screen adaptation of Veronica Roth`s novel, will hit the Indian screens April 11.