Sudan arrests three opposition figures: Party

Sudanese security agents arrested three opposition figures in Khartoum today, their party said, despite efforts by the government to persuade opponents to join national dialogue talks.

Sudan offers guarantees for rebels to attend Khartoum talks

 Sudan`s government said Monday it is ready to offer rebels battling its forces legal guarantees to allow them to attend talks in Khartoum aimed at addressing the country`s multiple crises.

Sudan`s hot-rod rickshaw men splash cash to win fares

With more a splutter than a roar, Baha al-Din Yassin -- alias "The Tiger" -- tears off down Khartoum`s sand-lined streets in his three-wheeled motor rickshaw on the prowl for fares.

South Africa court bars indicted Sudan leader from leaving

Sudan insisted President Omar al-Bashir's visit to Johannesburg for a summit was proceeding normally and he would return after its main meeting, despite a court order on Sunday banning him from leaving South Africa.

Sudan stops opposition leaders travelling to France

Sudanese security agents prevented seven senior opposition figures from travelling to a European parliament meeting in France and confiscated their passports on Monday, one of the politicians affected said.

Two Russians abducted in Sudan`s Darfur freed: Embassy

 Two Russians kidnapped in Sudan`s Darfur in January have been freed by their captors, a spokesman for Russia`s embassy in Khartoum said on Saturday.

South Sudan rebels deny getting weapons from Khartoum

South Sudan`s rebels on Friday denied a report alleging they were getting weapons delivered by air from Khartoum, claiming it was government troops who were using arms bought from Sudan.

Sudan Islamists protest against Morsi death sentence

Hundreds of Sudanese Islamists protested outside a UN office in central Khartoum Friday against the death sentence handed down to Egypt`s ousted president Mohammed Morsi by a court last week.

Sudan aims anti-aircraft fire at `target` near capital: Army

 Sudanese anti-aircraft crews opened fire on an aerial "target" near Khartoum`s twin city of Omdurman, a military spokesman said on Wednesday, after witnesses reported hearing explosions in the area.

Khartoum accuses S.Sudan of backing Darfur rebels

Sudan`s military accused Juba of supporting rebels from Darfur after Khartoum`s troops clashed with the insurgents in part of the war-torn region near the border between the two countries Sunday.

Sudan won't give visas to US, British, French envoys: Diplomats

 Khartoum has so far declined to issue visas for senior U.S., British and French diplomats hoping to conduct a fact-finding mission in Sudan`s conflict-torn Darfur region, U.N. diplomatic sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

Polls close across most of Sudan after four-day vote

Polling stations closed across most of Sudan on Thursday after nationwide elections that President Omar al-Bashir is widely expected to win were extended by one day.

Sudan votes in elections boycotted by opposition groups

Sudanese voters trickled in to polling stations on Monday at the start of a three-day election boycotted by the main opposition parties, with President Omar Hassan al-Bashir set to extend his quarter-century in power.

Clues to support for Bashir abound in rural Sudan

The name of President Omar al-Bashir is mainly known worldwide because of decades of deadly conflict in Sudan and also for his overseeing the country`s split from the south.

Sudan vote set to extend Bashir rule as opposition boycotts

Sudan heads to the polls next week in elections widely expected to extend President Omar al-Bashir`s quarter-century rule, despite his indictment for alleged war crimes, continued unrest and a faltering economy.

Sudan rebels seize election material days before vote

Rebels in Sudan's South Kordofan said they had captured a lorry carrying ballot boxes to polling stations for nationwide elections due next week, vowing to disrupt voting in the conflict-hit region.

Sudan rebels seize election material days before vote: Spokesman

Rebels in Sudan`s South Kordofan said Sunday they had captured a lorry carrying ballot boxes to polling stations for nationwide elections due next week, vowing to disrupt voting in the conflict-hit region.

Hospital 'targeted' in Sudan government air raid: MSF

A Sudanese warplane deliberately targeted one of the few hospitals operating in South Kordofan state, where ethnic minority rebels have been fighting government troops, an international medical charity charged Friday.

Gunmen attack Darfur peacekeepers

Unidentified gunmen launched two attacks on Tuesday on peacekeepers in Sudan's violence-wracked Darfur region, with two of the assailants killed in ensuing clashes, the UN-African Union mission said.

Sudan President says vote must go ahead for `stability`

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said Wednesday elections slated for April and widely expected to extend his rule must go ahead on schedule to preserve stability, despite opposition calls for a delay.